Taking The Online Test

Passing an online test is the typical first step to being considered as a contestant on Jeopardy!. Online tests consist of 50 questions (30 questions for kids), each of which must be answered in 15 seconds. These tests are given periodically throughout the year, with the results of each test valid for 12 months. The following schedule will be updated as testing dates are announced during the year:





Over 18 Years Old
No Dates Announced
Must be a full time student without a completed degree in a 4-year program.
No Dates Announced
13-17 Years Old
No Dates Announced
Under 13 Years Old
No Dates Announced
Read How To Get On Jeopardy! to find out more about the contestant process.
Last updated: 4 April, 2015

How Do I Prepare For Taking The Online Test?

Check your Computer

The Online Test works on both desktop computers and mobile devices, but it's important that you check to make sure your computer is capable of running it before the day of the test. Click here to make sure your device is ready for the test.

Take a Practice Test

The practice test will give you a good sense of the types of categories and clues you’ll be seeing in the online test, even though the practice test isn’t timed like the real online test will be. Hint: you can be your own timekeeper to simulate the actual testing conditions.

Watch the Show

Many winners have shared that watching the show proved to be excellent practice for being a successful Jeopardy! contestant. Find your local air times.