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Tournament News

To celebrate Jeopardy!’s 30th Anniversary Season, the Battle of the Decades is bringing back champions from the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s to compete in a multi-level tournament 30 years in the making!

Here’s how we created the most exciting Jeopardy! tournament in 30 seasons!

What a long, exciting ride it’s been. And we’re not just talking about our 30 years on air. As you know, the most memorable moment in the history of our show is Battle of the Decades, which brought back champions from as early as the totally righteous 1980s. But they didn’t all just aimlessly wander on set. Battle of the Decades was the brainchild of our always-thinking-about-something-awesome Executive Producer Harry Friedman. Here’s how it all went down:

Harry knew that Jeopardy!’s 30th Anniversary was drawing near, so he (along with other Producers) decided to contact every former Tournament of Champions contestant from the past 30 years to see if they’d be interested in making another appearance behind a podium. Those who expressed interest (and there was a lot of it) were asked to submit a video and a few paragraphs about why they should be brought back.

In the end, we had 15 enthusiastic contestants (14 were chosen by the Producers and one was selected by the fans) from three decades ready to send their brains into battle for the $1,000,000 grand prize. Want to see who made the cut? Check out the “Decades” mini-sites. And don’t forget to tune in to our Battle of the Decades re-play as it airs.

Season 31 is almost here. Get ready for it with the best of Season 30!

Whether it’s Julia Collins’ incredible run, the Battle of the Decades finals, or the exhilarating finish to this year’s Teen Tournament, there’s no mistaking that Season 30 had some incredible moments. And while we can’t predict what will happen in Season 31, we can assure you that America’s Favorite Quiz Show® only gets better with age.

As we start taping for Season 31, keep your brain busy with all of the best moments from Season 30. The new season airs on September 15, so you’ve got a nice amount of time to keep this past year’s great clues coming.