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  • Watch Andy Westney's Video!

    Andy Westney


    • $25,000 Original winnings Teen Tournament Winner 1991
    • $6,000 Tournament appearances


    Participant in: 2005 UTOC

    Personal Message

    As a kid, I felt like the show had been around forever, but looking back now I see we were kind of the OGs of Jeopardy! Bring me back to see an old-school winner take on the next generation. I admit that going on pure trivia accomplishment, I'm not going to make your top 15. But I'm a good dark horse. I'm like that hockey goalie who gets red hot in the playoffs--you wouldn't want to bet against me. And I'll bring a gambler's mentality--if I have 11,000 to my opponent's 20,000 and hit the last Daily Double, I guarantee I'll wager everything. One more sports metaphor (forgive me, I write about sports for a living): this new tournament could be like the soccer FA Cup in England---with the scrappy second-division club (yours truly) in with a chance against the bluebloods of the game. Jeopardy and I will also both be celebrating big anniversaries in the coming year--Jeopardy's 30th and my 40th--and that's all the omen I need to win the Decades Tournament. And whatever happens on the show, I guarantee you I'll have a blast with it.

  • Watch Eugene Finerman's Video!

    Eugene Finerman


    • $57,902 Original Winnings
    • $25,600 Ultimate Tournament of Champions (2005)
    • $10,000 Super Jeopardy! semifinalist (1990)
    • $11,600 Tournament of Champions 2nd runner-up (1987)


    Super Jeopardy (two games), and UTOC (two games)
    Eugene was the first player to defeat champion Frank Spangenberg

    Personal Message

    I will not tell you that I am indispensable to Jeopardy. You must have overestimated my megalomania. Yes, I regard myself as bright and droll; I even suspect that the elderly me is endearing. My presence in the Tournament might draw a bigger audience in retirement communities. But be warned: a Finerman also could hurt your ratings in Saudi Arabia. My Q Rating is unpredictable. Of course, I would love another chance on Jeopardy. Fortune and fame certainly are appreciated, but the game itself remains the lure. Sixty-one questions to tempt and taunt me: Am I really as bright as I imagine? Since the show premiered in the Sixties, I have been a fan. I would schedule my college classes so that I would never miss a game. (That was long before the VCR). And Jeopardy is still part of my life. These days I get on the rowing machine, turn on the DVR and start yelling the answers at the television. Was I training for the Tournament? Now you overestimate my clairvoyance. I can only think of Jeopardy as a fond dream; if and when that dream recurs, I welcome it.

  • Watch Leah Greenwald's Video!

    Leah Greenwald


    • $58,802 Original Winnings Season 4 5-time champion
    • $56,800 Ultimate Tournament of Champions (2005)
    • $5,000 Super Jeopardy! quarterfinalist (1990)
    • $1,000 Tournament of Champions quarterfinalist (1988)


    SuperJeopardy and UTOC

    Personal Message

    Since the 1988 TOC: had triplets in October 1989. Continued to work as a residential architect; have had my own practice since 2006. Started a book group in 2008 which reads and discusses fiction, often the great classics I slithered out of reading in high school and college. I've revived an old childhood hobby: playing with food. It's been a good and fortunate quarter-century.

  • Watch Diane Siegel's Video!

    Diane Siegel


    • $65,479 Original Winnings 5 Day Champion
    • $6,000 Tournament Appearances


    5-time champion

    Personal Message

    On one of the Jeopardy blogs after an appearance on the Tournament of Champions, someone nominated me for best all-time "wrong answer". That really made me laugh.

    I can promise you I am a "real" person who loves the excitement and challenge of quiz shows. I always wonder - what does life's experience do to our brains and our store of wisdom? Here it is 20 years since I experienced one of the most amazing days in my life where I finessed the buzzer, played with strategy and guts, and won 5 shows on Jeopardy! I "retired" from playing TV quiz shows but my brain has definitely not retired. Wouldn't it be fun to go down this path again! It would be delightful to come back!

  • Watch Michael Rankins's Video!

    Michael Rankins


    • $52,098 Original Winnings Season 4 5-time champ
    • $41,601 Ultimate Tournament of Champions Round 1 winner (2005)
    • $5,000 Super Jeopardy! quarterfinalist (1990)
    • $5,000 Tournament of Champions semifinalist (1988)


    Super Jeopardy!, Battle of the Bay Area Brains, Ultimate Tournament of Champions

    Personal Message

    During my original five-game Jeopardy! run, the contestant coordinators called me "The Cardiac Kid," because (a) I was one of the younger five-time champs to that point, and (b) I had a knack for slow starts followed by resounding rallies. They must have been right -- I won the last three of my five games carrying insurmountable leads into Final Jeopardy! My previous returns to Jeopardy! have also met with success. I was a TOC semifinalist in 1988. (I'm still reliving the Final Jeopardy! answer that cost me a trip to the finals!) I won the most famous Jeopardy! game that almost no one saw -- the Battle of the Bay Area Brains in 1998. I also won my first-round game in the UTOC, setting a high-scoring mark that remained unmatched for the next two weeks of the tournament. I'm still a competitive trivia player. My teams won gold and silver medals at last summer's Trivia Championships of North America in Las Vegas. I participate alongside other Jeopardy! veterans in the toughest online trivia league anywhere. I've even hosted live trivia events. And hey, I'm a voice actor - haven't you always wondered what those people look like?

  • India Cooper

    India Cooper

    Madison, IN

    Original Winnings: $68,400
    Original Appearance: 1992

    India Cooper Then
    India Cooper Now

    India Cooper

    Total winnings: $124,400

    TOC Appearance: 1992

    Life after Jeopardy!: Still happily freelancing as a copy editor; even happier-ly, on books by Bob Harris and Tom Nissley. Moved from NYC to an 1848 house in Madison, IN, on the Ohio River: 13K people, 2 Jeopardy! champs. Kiva lender. Broncos fan.

  • Richard Cordray

    Richard Cordray

    Grove City, OH/Washington, DC

    Original Winnings: $40,303
    Original Appearance: 1987

    Richard Cordray Then
    Richard Cordray Now

    Richard Cordray

    Total winnings: $40,303

    TOC Appearance: 1987

    Life after Jeopardy!: I have been a lawyer, law professor, and served in state and local government in Ohio before President Obama appointed me as the first Director of the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in January 2012.

  • Tom Cubbage

    Tom Cubbage

    Arlington, VA

    Original Winnings: $26,200
    Original Appearance: 1989

    Tom Cubbage Then
    Tom Cubbage Now

    Tom Cubbage

    Total winnings: $136,600

    TOC Appearance: 1989

    Life after Jeopardy!: After the TOC, I finished law school and got married. Now I'm raising 5 kids with my wife of 21 years. We lived for a few years in my native state of Oklahoma, but now we live in Arlington, Virginia.

  • Chuck Forrest

    Chuck Forrest

    Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Original Winnings: $72,800
    Original Appearance: 1985

    Chuck Forrest Then
    Chuck Forrest Now

    Chuck Forrest

    Total winnings: $250,000

    TOC Appearance: 1986

    Life after Jeopardy!: My total career winnings are around $250,000. I have spent most of my career outside of the US; in the Middle East, the Balkans, and Italy. Right now I am the Legal Advisor to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IREA), an international organization headquartered in Abu Dhabi, UAE

  • Leslie Frates

    Leslie Frates

    Hayward, CA

    Original Winnings: $56,099
    Original Appearance: 1991

    Leslie Frates Then
    Leslie Frates Now

    Leslie Frates

    Total winnings: $95,899

    TOC Appearance: 1991

    Life after Jeopardy!: In the 10th Anniversary Tournament, Frank Spangenberg told me that I "scared the hell" out of him. (One of the nicest compliments I ever received!) In the Million Dollar Masters, I had Chuck Forrest and Eric Newhouse on the ropes, and I came closer than any other carbon-based life form has to beating Brad Rutter. I'm tied for the most appearances (14) by a woman on Jeopardy! I still kick serious butt in Bay Area trivia tournaments, and I'm constantly being recruited for trivia teams. I'm considered a celebrity at the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament in New York. (My best showing was 57th out of almost 800 competitors in 2009.) I do the New York Times crossword puzzle in pen, and on Thursdays through Sundays only, because the other days are too easy. If you want a woman from Jeopardy's first decade who can still run with the big dogs, I'm the b**ch who can do it.

  • Phoebe Juel

    Phoebe Juel

    Cranberry Township, PA

    Original Winnings: $28,000
    Original Appearance: 1993

    Phoebe Juel Then
    Phoebe Juel Now

    Phoebe Juel

    Total winnings: $38,000

    TOC Appearance: 1993

    Life after Jeopardy!: Total winnings of $38,000 and a car. I studied public health in graduate school and worked in agricultural health and safety but, like so many other Jeopardy! alumni, I eventually got a law degree. While there I specialized in national security and counter-terrorism law and wrote a brief for the Guantanamo tribunals. I also became an active cyclist and rode two RAGBRAIs (Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa). It's a 500+ mile week-long rolling folk festival; great exercise, great scenery, great people, and a great excuse to eat lots of homemade pie guilt free.

  • Mark Lowenthal

    Mark Lowenthal

    Reston, VA

    Original Winnings: $49,901
    Original Appearance: 1988

    Mark Lowenthal Then
    Mark Lowenthal Now

    Mark Lowenthal

    Total winnings: $154,901

    TOC Appearance: 1988

    Life after Jeopardy!: I had two more government jobs: Staff Director of the House Intelligence Committee and then Asst Director of Central Intelligence for Analysis (CIA). Since 2005, I have had my own company, Ther Intelligence & Security Academy, which offers courses on intelligence to the govt and private sector. I have also written the standard college/grad school textbook on intelligence, Intelligence: From Secrets to Policy.

  • Leslie Shannon Miller

    Leslie Shannon Miller

    Espoo, Finland

    Original Winnings: $64,300
    Original Appearance: 1992

    Leslie Shannon Miller Then
    Leslie Shannon Miller Now

    Leslie Shannon Miller

    Total winnings: $99,300

    TOC Appearance: 1993

    Life after Jeopardy!: I married a wonderful Finnish man and have lived in Finland for the past nine years. From there, I travel the world advising mobile telephone companies about how to sell high-speed mobile data successfully and have worked with more than 60 companies in over 45 countries in the last four years. (I'm writing this in London and from here I go Auckland, Taipei, and Singapore - I love my job!!) I also have two fabulous children and placed 63rd in the European Quizzing Championship last year with no studying at all, which made me very proud. :-)

  • Thomas (Tom) Nosek

    Thomas (Tom) Nosek

    Torrance, CA

    Original Winnings: $65,640
    Original Appearance: 1993

    Thomas (Tom) Nosek Then
    Thomas (Tom) Nosek Now

    Thomas (Tom) Nosek

    Total winnings: $180,000

    TOC Appearance: 1993

    Life after Jeopardy!: Consulting, placing satellites in orbit

  • Leszek Pawlowicz

    Leszek Pawlowicz

    Flagstaff, AZ

    Original Winnings: $75,400
    Original Appearance: 1991

    Leszek Pawlowicz Then
    Leszek Pawlowicz Now

    Leszek Pawlowicz

    Total winnings: $180,400

    TOC Appearance: 1992

    Life after Jeopardy!: When I was on Jeopardy, I was working as a materials scientist; now, I'm an archaeologist/mapper.

  • James (Jim) Scott

    James (Jim) Scott

    Arlington, VA

    Original Winnings: $49,300
    Original Appearance: 1990

    James (Jim) Scott Then
    James (Jim) Scott Now

    James (Jim) Scott

    Total winnings: $154,300

    TOC Appearance: 1991

    Life after Jeopardy!: Total winnings $154,300 and Rice a Roni. Well, more than half of my life has passed since I first appeared. Most notably, I've gone to law school at the nations oldest law school in Williamsburg, Virginia, and since then have practiced law in the Washington, DC area for 15 years. I live in Arlington, Virginia with my dog Mabel.

  • Frank Spangenberg

    Frank Spangenberg

    Douglaston, NY

    Original Winnings: $102,597
    Original Appearance: 1990

    Frank Spangenberg Then
    Frank Spangenberg Now

    Frank Spangenberg

    Total winnings: $269,596

    TOC Appearance: 1990

    Life after Jeopardy!: Well, I'm still a cop, I still have a mustache, and I'm still tall... In addition, since my last appearance in the UTOC in 2005, I earned a master's in Public Administration from Harvard, and I am now completing a doctorate in Criminal Justice at John Jay. I am now working in the Traffic Enforcement District of the NYPD, which while interesting is usually quiet -- although I did once have to do a vehicle pursuit of a runaway horse for two miles through Harlem (and if you bring me back, you can hear all about it!)

  • Jerome Vered

    Jerome Vered

    Los Angeles, CA

    Original Winnings: $96,801
    Original Appearance: 1992

    Jerome Vered Then
    Jerome Vered Now

    Jerome Vered

    Total winnings: $496,602

    TOC Appearance: 1992

    Life after Jeopardy!: Total career winnings about $500k. I have been living in Los Angeles, traveling a little bit, blogging a bit about ethnic restaurants. How about you?

  • Bob Verini

    Bob Verini

    Van Nuys, CA

    Original Winnings: $46,802
    Original Appearance: 1987

    Bob Verini Then
    Bob Verini Now

    Bob Verini

    Total winnings: $271,802

    TOC Appearance: 1987

    Life after Jeopardy!: At Kaplan I became a specialist in online learning (delivery and training), and joined the Learning Science Dept. to test and innovate data-based approaches to doing one's best on an entrance exam. I also served for over six years as Variety's LA theater critic, and continue to do film, TV and theater features for the newspaper as well as other web content deliverers.

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