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  • Watch Shane Whitlock's Video!

    Shane Whitlock


    • $32,800 College Championship Winner (1996)
    • $5,000 Tournament of Champions (1996)
    • $55,400 Ultimate Tournament of Champions (2005)


    Semifinalist in 1996 Tournament of Champions, UTOC participant

    Personal Message

    I have the highest two-day finals total of any College Champion (accounting of course for the doubling of clue values in 2001). I am a member of the "Elite 18", those who made it to the third round of the Ultimate Tournament of Champions. Pam Mueller is the only other college champion to make it into this group. In that third UTOC round, I was leading my game going into Final Jeopardy, but I couldn't come up with the correct response, "Who were Tweedledee and Tweedledum?". That allowed Frank Spangenburg to overtake my score and earn a place in the semi-finals. I really don't want that to be the last moment of my Jeopardy! career, and I would like to compete in the Decades Tournament just for a shot at redemption! Also, if I were selected to compete, I would bring with me my ardent supporters: the entire state of Arkansas. I know first hand that Arkansans love cheering on one of their own. My other Jeopardy! appearances generated a lot of excitement and local press thoughout the state, and presumably brought some additional viewers to the local affiliates. I am the only champion in Arkansas eligible for this tournament, and I know I could rally up a lot of support for my appearance.

  • Watch Michael Daunt's Video!

    Michael Daunt


    • $64,198 Original Winnings Season 12 5-time champion
    • $8,200 Tournament of Champions (1996)
    • $35,000 International Tournament of Champions (1997)
    • $62,602 Ultimate Tournament of Champions (2005)


    1997 International Tournament Winner, 2nd runner up in 1996 Tournament of Champions, UTOC participant

    Personal Message

    There are so many worthy candidates for a tournament that it is tough to say why someone would pick me over anyone else. I think that my International Tournament win and Elite 18 finish in the UTOC demonstrate that I will always be a competitor. To quote a friend: "You are one of the most intelligent, articulate and knowledgeable persons I have ever met in my life. On the other hand, you are also one of the most arrogant, opinionated and dastardly characters I have ever met in my life. On balance though, I would have a beer with you any day."

  • Watch Catherine Ramen's Video!

    Catherine Ramen


    • $61,000 Original Winnings Season 14 5-time champion
    • $5,000 Tournament of Champions (1998)
    • $44,000 Ultimate Tournament of Champions (2005)


    5-time undefeated champion, semifinalist in 1998 Tournament of Champions, UTOC participant

    Personal Message

    I was one of the youngest five-time champions (just 25 in 1997) and since then I've learned and experienced so much--I am a much stronger person and contestant nowadays. Oh, and I blew my trip to the 3rd round of the UTOC on a math error; I'd dearly like to redeem that mistake. Of course, I could be a role-model for an under-represented minority on Jeopardy. I am, of course, talking about redheads. Ginger power, baby! Kidding aside, while I don't like to talk too much publicly about my experiences as a trans woman, I'd obviously be greatly honored to have a chance to represent my community, and other LGBT people, on Jeopardy. Plus, I'm funny as all get out, smart as a whip, and really really REALLY want another chance. What's not to love?

  • Watch Brian Weikle's Video!

    Brian Weikle


    • $149,200 Original Winnings Season 19 5-time Champion
    • $56,601 Tournament of Champions (2003)
    • $25,000 Ultimate Tournament of Champions (2005)


    1st runner up in 2003 Tournament of Champions, UTOC participant

    Personal Message

    During my original run, I became a part of Jeopardy! lore. $52,000 in one show? More total winnings than Frank Spangenberg? Unheard of. I like to think I helped catalyze the astounding run of success the show has seen over the past decade. Without me, would Ken Jennings have aspired to do what he did? Well, of course he would. That's what's great about the show; it inspires people to do something truly remarkable, to achieve something they never thought possible. Now, ten years after my original appearances, I want to get together with the other legends of the show and inspire a new generation of Jeopardy! fans to reach for that impossible dream.

  • Watch Melizza Zygmunt's Video!

    Melizza Zygmunt


    • $23,599 Season 15 4-time champion
    • $2,500 Tournament of Champions (1999)


    4-time champion

    Personal Message

    I would like to rectify my performance in the Tournament of Champions and vindicate myself. As a stay-at-home mom, I was in the throes of planning my daughter's 4th birthday party and getting ready for Christmas. If the "Evil Queen" piñata, Hannah and I were making, had not taken up so much time, I feel sure I would have prepared more and performed better at TOC! However, her Snow White party was grand and memorable! LYRICS TO VIDEO SONG "CHOOSE MY MOM" - a song parody of Anna Kendrick's "CUPS" She's out to win it all this time around The risks of betting she ignores If my mom is chosen for Jeopardy! Alex, you sure won't believe the final scores! Choose my mom Choose my mom She'll keep the competition strong Jeopardy! you'd be a fool To choose anyone less cool so You know that you should choose my mom She lost the tourney the first time around That's why this time she wants it more Everybody loves a good underdog In our hearts it gives us something to root for.

  • Dave Abbott

    Dave Abbott

    Ft. Thomas, KY

    Original Winnings: $68,599
    Original Appearance: 1998

    Dave Abbott Then
    Dave Abbott Now

    Dave Abbott

    Total winnings: $173,599

    TOC Appearance: 1999

    Life after Jeopardy!: Fishing on my kayak, playing tuba in local orchestras, traveling (on business) to Thailand, China, India, Korea, Taiwan, and Japan.

  • Robin Carroll

    Robin Carroll

    Marietta, GA

    Original Winnings: $64,100
    Original Appearance: 2000

    Robin Carroll Then
    Robin Carroll Now

    Robin Carroll

    Total winnings: $244,100

    TOC Appearance: 2000

    Life after Jeopardy!: I think my total winnings were $244,100. Since 2000 I've been an instructional designer, developing web-based and classroom training for corporate clients. Currently I'm a Senior Curriculum Developer for OnCourse Learning, where I create courses for the real estate industry.

  • Jill Bunzendahl Chimka

    Jill Bunzendahl Chimka

    Washington, DC

    Original Winnings: $85,099
    Original Appearance: 2002

    Jill Bunzendahl Chimka Then
    Jill Bunzendahl Chimka Now

    Jill Bunzendahl Chimka

    Total winnings: $95,099

    TOC Appearance: 2003

    Life after Jeopardy!: I've been working as the director of therapy at a non-profit child development center serving children with disabilities for the past 11 years.

    I have also been busy being a mother to two girls - in addition to my daughter Sydney, with whom I was pregnant when I appeared on the tournament of champions, I recently gave birth to my daughter Esther in December 2012.

    Additionally, I've been working towards my travel goal of visiting all 50 states -I just have Hawaii left!

  • Mark Dawson

    Mark Dawson

    Chamblee, GA

    Original Winnings: $52,599
    Original Appearance: 2001

    Mark Dawson Then
    Mark Dawson Now

    Mark Dawson

    Total winnings: $333,849

    TOC Appearance: 2003

    Life after Jeopardy!: My total winnings were $333,849 and a Corvette. Professionally, from 2007-2011, I was a member of the production staff for Africa Challenge, an academically-based TV show featuring university students from eight countries. Now, I am working on a sister project, Honda Campus All-Star Challenge (HCASC) which is not a TV show, but does provide a venue for students from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) to compete in the same fashion. Both experiences have been very rewarding.

    Personally, I've been working on my house, doing everything from drywall, to digging out my foundation (by hand), to hardwood flooring and window frames.

  • Michael Dupee

    Michael Dupee

    Gainesville, FL

    Original Winnings: $66,401
    Original Appearance: 1996

    Michael Dupee Then
    Michael Dupee Now

    Michael Dupee

    Total winnings: $198,901

    TOC Appearance: 1996

    Life after Jeopardy!: Every appearance on Jeopardy! really affected my life in a positive way. After my first stint, in 1996, my winnings made me comfortable not returning to the high-pressure world of corporate litigation where I started my law career. Instead, I was able to stay with the federal court, helping make sure that justice was done in the cases I worked on. What a luxury to have the truth as my only client these last 17 years. I am forever grateful to Jeopardy! for that.

    I am also grateful that I was able to spend lots of time with my daughter (3 years old when I bragged about her to Alex in 1996 and a 19-year-old pre-med student now) and two sons, now 14 and 9. What a blessing.

    I also used my most recent winnings to go back to school to transition into another aspect of public service.

  • Bob Harris

    Bob Harris

    Los Angeles, CA

    Original Winnings: $58,000
    Original Appearance: 1997

    Bob Harris Then
    Bob Harris Now

    Bob Harris

    Total winnings: $169,400

    TOC Appearance: 1998

    Life after Jeopardy!: My total winnings were $169,400 (including the MSRP of my 2 Camaros.) I've put a large amount of my income into microlending, a Nobel Prize-winning approach to poverty alleviation, via the charity Kiva. I've also traveled extensively around the developing world to see the results, visiting Peru, Nicaragua, Bosnia, Rwanda, India, Lebanon, and lots of other countries.

    What I found became my most recent book The International Bank of Bob (, published by Bloomsbury, but it can all be summarized by five words spoken to me in Lebanon by a former restaurant owner and father of two who had lost everything in a war that he had nothing to do with. Was he bitter? No, he explained:

    "You love more, you win." he said.

    Those are the best five words I've ever heard.

    Supporters of the book project, calling themselves Friends of Bob Harris* have now lent more than $3.3 million to help finance of small businesses in more than 60 countries. You can find FoBH by poking around I'm both proud of and humbled by it all.

    *I didn't start FoBH, I've never met the person who did, and I was stupidly opposed to its creation at the outset. I can be quite wrong at times. But most Jeopardy! fans know that. :)

  • Ryan Holznagel

    Ryan Holznagel

    Somerville, MA

    Original Winnings: $49,413
    Original Appearance: 1994

    Ryan Holznagel Then
    Ryan Holznagel Now

    Ryan Holznagel

    Total winnings: $179,413

    TOC Appearance: 1995

    Life after Jeopardy!: In total, I won $179,413 and a hammock. I joined the Google writing team for five great years (and hosted Ken Jennings for a lunchtime chat with Googlers), married a wonderful woman from Cincinnati, and have written thumbnail sketches of over 2000 famous people for my biography reference site, Who2.

  • Dan Melia

    Dan Melia

    Berkeley, CA

    Original Winnings: $75,600
    Original Appearance: 1997

    Dan Melia Then
    Dan Melia Now

    Dan Melia

    Total winnings: $247,801

    TOC Appearance: 1998

    Life after Jeopardy!: In total, I won $247,801 and a Corvette. Still teaching Rhetoric and Celtic Languages at UC Berkeley and doing research on St. Patrick. Still appearing (as a Supernumerary) in S.F. Opera and S.F. Ballet.

  • Pam Mueller

    Pam Mueller

    Princeton, NJ

    Original Winnings: $50,000
    Original Appearance: 2000

    Pam Mueller Then
    Pam Mueller Now

    Pam Mueller

    Total winnings: $157,201

    TOC Appearance: 2001

    Life after Jeopardy!: My total winnings were $157,201 and a Volvo. Since my initial appearance, I toured with an Irish dance company, worked on a presidential campaign, was a press secretary on Capitol Hill, went to law school, was a real lawyer briefly, and then went back to graduate school in psychology with an eye toward becoming a law professor. Whew! Additionally, I've tried to balance my academic interests and my passion for dance throughout this time, and have performed in many musicals and dance productions.

  • Claudia Perry

    Claudia Perry

    Evanston, IL

    Original Winnings: $45,303
    Original Appearance: 1997

    Claudia Perry Then
    Claudia Perry Now

    Claudia Perry

    Total winnings: $75,303

    TOC Appearance: 1998

    Life after Jeopardy!: I won $75,303, give or take. Left newspapering; moved to Chicago; came close to beating Watson; working in financial services.

  • Brad Rutter

    Brad Rutter

    Los Angeles, CA

    Original Winnings: $55,102
    Original Appearance: 2000

    Brad Rutter Then
    Brad Rutter Now

    Brad Rutter

    Total winnings: $3,355,102

    TOC Appearance: 2001

    Life after Jeopardy!: Hosting my own game show, doing a lot of improv, going on auditions, producing Slamdance documentary features, hanging out with my niece and nephew.

  • Rachael Schwartz

    Rachael Schwartz

    Ellicott City, MD

    Original Winnings: $37,499
    Original Appearance: 1993

    Rachael Schwartz Then
    Rachael Schwartz Now

    Rachael Schwartz

    Total winnings: $152,499

    TOC Appearance: 1994

    Life after Jeopardy!: I have had a major change since my last appearance. I retired from the practice of law after 31 years and am now working at NIH on stem cell research. I plan to apply to Ph.D. programs in biology this fall. If I am accepted, I will receive my degree when I am in my early 60's. Fortunately, I plan to study human aging and longevity!

  • Babu Srinivasan

    Babu Srinivasan

    Cypress, TX

    Original Winnings: $75,100
    Original Appearance: 2001

    Babu Srinivasan Then
    Babu Srinivasan Now

    Babu Srinivasan

    Total winnings: $100,100

    TOC Appearance: 2001

    Life after Jeopardy!: My total winnings were $100,100 and a Corvette. Teaching history. Going bald. Sitting around the house playing with the cat. She bit me.

  • Eddie Timanus

    Eddie Timanus

    Oak Hill, VA

    Original Winnings: $69,700
    Original Appearance: 1999

    Eddie Timanus Then
    Eddie Timanus Now

    Eddie Timanus

    Total winnings: $89,700

    TOC Appearance: 2000

    Life after Jeopardy!: Still watching college sports and getting paid for it, which beats working for a living. I spend the rest of my time with my family as my wife and I try to keep up with our almost nine-year-old son. Life is an amazing adventure!

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