Reference is hereby made to the Contestant Application, Release & Consent ("Release") and the program rules, with respect to the television program "JEOPARDY!" (the "Program") in connection with the Battle of the Decades Tournament (the "Tournament") of the Program. The Release and program rules for the Tournament are hereby supplemented as follows. All defined terms used herein shall have the same meaning as in the Release and program rules.


  1. The makeup of the final Contestant spot of the fifteen (15) Contestants in the Preliminary Rounds invited to represent each decade of the Program, 1984-1993, 1994-2003 and 2004-2013, will consist of one spot for each decade that will be filled from the results of a fan vote for the "Fan Favorite" from each of the three decades, from a choice of Contestants that will be provided to Jeopardy! fans by Producer.
  2. Prior to the taping of the Preliminary Rounds of the Tournament, there will be an online ("Online") (including Facebook) and Twitter vote conducted in conjunction with the Program for the fans. Fans will be given the opportunity to Tweet or to go Online at one or more websites designated by Producer ( and Facebook) (the "Site") to view and review information on each of the nominated Contestants to be voted on by decade.
  3. The selection of the five (5) nominated Contestants from each decade for the Fan Favorite vote is entirely within the sole and absolute discretion of Producer. The voting rules, methods and mechanism for tabulating the Fan Favorite’s vote is entirely within the discretion of Producer, and is not subject to any challenge by any of the Contestants. The fans will vote for their favorite Contestant during voting periods (each a "Voting Period") established by Producer.
  4. All votes whether from Online (including Facebook) or Twitter will have equal value. The Contestant with the most votes counted as set forth below of the five (5) nominated Contestants for each decade during the Voting Period for that decade, as determined by Producer, in consultation with Sullivan Compliance Company, will be declared the "Fan Favorite" for the decade, and will occupy the 15th spot in each of the three (3) Preliminary Rounds of the Tournament. For each decade, the person placing second in the Fan Favorite’s Vote, will be the alternate for that Preliminary Round. Votes will be calculated for Online voting ( and Facebook) by counting one vote per IP address per platform per day and calculated for Twitter voting by counting one vote per username per day using the hashtag #Jeopardyvote and the first name of a nominated Contestant from that decade (if there are multiple votes per day, only the first vote will count). "One day" in the Voting Period is defined as 7:00am – 6:59am PDT on the following calendar day.
  5. The Voting Period (9/30/13-10/7/13 for 1984-1993 voting; 10/7/13-10/14/13 for 1994-2003 voting; and 10/14/13-10/21/13 for 2004-2013 voting) will consist of Online voting and tweeting that will last approximately seven (7) days per Voting Period for a total of twenty-one ( 21) days, opening for the 1984-1993 voting - 09/30/13 (7am Pacific Daylight Time) to 10/07/13 (6:59am Pacific Daylight Time); for the 1994-2003 voting - 10-07-13 (7am Pacific Daylight Time) to 10/14/13 (6:59am Pacific Daylight Time); and for the 2004-2013 voting - 10/14/13 (7am Pacific Daylight Time) to 10/21/13 (6:59am Pacific Daylight Time). Voting will close at 6:59 am Pacific Daylight Time on 10/21/13. Producer will conduct the Online (including Facebook) and Twitter voting process according to the rules and methods it establishes for this fan vote and in a manner determined at Producer’s sole discretion.
  6. After each Voting Period the Fan Favorite with the most votes will be revealed to the winning Fan Favorites by Producer and to the studio audience at the Tournament tapings and to the viewing public and fans when the Program is exhibited in a manner determined by Producer in its sole discretion.
  7. Fans will vote using an On-line (including Facebook) or Twitter voting component (referred to herein as "Voting System"). Problems may occur in connection with the Voting System. In the event of any problems with the Voting System, which problems may include the partial or total failure of the Voting Systems or the misuse of the Voting Systems by online or tweeting voters or others, Producer shall have the right to determine the Contestant(s) who will fill the final spot(s) in Producer’s sole discretion.
  8. Contestants must not tamper with the Voting System, including, but not limited to, "vote slamming," via a computer device or other computer hacking methods. Furthermore, Contestants must not authorize, assist, encourage, permit, or facilitate others to tamper with the Voting System. If any Contestant is found to have tampered with a Voting System or to have assisted or encouraged others to tamper with a Voting System, the Contestant will be immediately disqualified from the Program and the competition.
  9. Contestants acknowledge that the type of Voting System used in connection with the competition and the Program shall be within Producer’s sole discretion. In addition, Contestant understands that, although Producer shall use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure the integrity of any on-line, tweeting or other voting system, Contestant acknowledges that problems may occur. In the event of any problems with the Voting System, which problems may include the partial or total failure of the system or the misuse of the system by on-line voters or others, Producer shall have the right to remedy any problem in Producer’s sole discretion. Contestants agree to accept the decision of Producer in all such matters as final and binding, and acknowledge that such decisions are not subject to challenge or appeal.
  10. In the event of a tie between or amongst nominated Contestants for the most On-line (including Facebook) and tweeted votes, Producer shall determine which of the tied Contestants will be invited to play in Producer’s sole discretion.
  11. Producer reserves the right to scrutinize voting results that in Producer’s sole discretion appear to be a result of tampering or deliberate interference, and to take any action Producer deems appropriate and/or necessary.
  12. Potential Fan Favorite Contestants represent and warrant that all personal information they provide to Producer is truthful and accurate.
  13. All of Producer's decisions regarding the Voting System and the Fan Favorite results reveal shall be final and binding, and not subject to challenge or appeal.