Don't see your question here? Please review the General Contestant FAQs on, or email the Jeopardy! Test Help account at

  • I forgot my Confirmation Number. How do I retrieve it?

    Click here to have your Confirmation Number sent to your registered email address. Make sure to check your spam or bulk folder.

  • I do not live in the Cleveland or Cincinnati area. Am I eligible for the test?

    The test is open to Jeopardy! viewers of FOX 19 in Cincinnati or CBS 19 in Cleveland. If you do not live in one of these viewing areas, you are not eligible to take the test at this time.

  • I took the January or March 2012 test. Am I eligible to try again?

    If you took the test earlier this year, you are not eligible to try again at this time.

  • Am I registered? Do I need to re-register?

    Regardless of any previous test registrations or Jeopardy! subscriptions, you must complete the registration form specific to this test.

  • The registration form didn't ask for a password. How will I log in?

    We no longer collect passwords as part of the Online Test registration process. You will now log in using your last name and a Confirmation Number. You should have received a Confirmation Number upon completing the registration form, and you should also have it saved in an email from If you cannot locate it, click here.

  • What time does the test start?

    The test will be given at one time globally. You must be logged in before it begins. Login will open at 7:30pm ET, and the test will start at 8:00pm ET.

  • Where will the test take place?

    You will return to the main page of this site where a "Test Login" button will appear toward the top of the page. That button will take you to the page where you need to enter the registered last name and Confirmation Number. You will know you are successfully logged in when the countdown clock appears. If you are unable to see the "Test Login" button, please refresh your browser and try again.

  • I am unable to take the test at the designated time. Can I log in late or reschedule?

    The test will only be given once, and the dates and times are not flexible. The test will begin promptly at 3 minutes after the hour according to the test site's clock, and you must be logged in before the test begins. We recommend logging in at least 20 minutes early.

    Remember that you may only log in and take the test once. Subsequent attempts will result in disqualification.

  • Will I receive my test results?

    The Jeopardy! contestant department will not send you your score. You will know if you passed the test if you are contacted by a member of the Jeopardy! contestant department

  • How long will the test take?

    The test consists of 50 clues and you will have a maximum of 15 seconds to respond to each clue. The test will take approximately 10 minutes. You cannot log in late or restart.

  • Will I be graded on spelling?

    Correct spelling definitely helps in the test grading process. We encourage you to review your response as closely as possible and check for any potential spelling errors before submitting.

  • How do I submit my responses?

    To submit their responses, you can either click "Submit", or wait for the full 15 seconds to elapse. Pressing the "Enter" key on the keyboard will not submit a response. Anything you have typed into the response field will be automatically captured when time expires and you hear the "ping" alerting you to the next clue. You cannot pause, stop, or go back on the test.

  • Will I be penalized for incorrect responses?

    If you are not sure of an answer, by all means you should take a guess! Look at the category, and read the clue again to see if it offers any hints. If the answer you enter is wrong, it counts the same as leaving the space blank anyway, so you've got nothing to lose.

  • Do I have to phrase my responses in the form of a question?

    No. DO NOT phrase your response in the form of a question. Don't waste time typing "Who is..." and "What is..." (We'll test you on your phrasing when you make it to the auditions!)

  • What happens if I want to skip ahead to the next clue?

    You may choose to skip ahead to the next clue at any time. You should be aware that any partial data that you enter into the response field will be captured and submitted "as is" when the time expires for that clue.

  • Will completing the test quickly improve my score?

    No, we do not grade the tests based on how quickly you respond.

  • I am on a Mac. Will I still be able to participate in the test?

    Yes, many users have successfully taken the test using a Mac. No matter which type of computer you use, we encourage you to check that you meet the technical requirements:

    • Take the Sample Test to see if your setup is compatible.
    • Use a high-speed Internet connection.
    • Make sure you have Flash 10 or higher. (Install or upgrade your Flash player.)
    • Use Internet Explorer 7.0 and above, Firefox 15.0 and above, Safari 5.0 and above and Chrome 21.0 and above.
    • Disable any ad blocking or JavaScript disabling features of your internet security software.
    • Do not use a screen resolution smaller than 1024x768. The Online Test is optimized for screens this size and larger, and it may not display properly at smaller screen resolutions.
    • Make sure your text settings are no larger than 100%, or "normal" or "medium" size. Increased text settings will prevent you from viewing the test in full.
  • Will installing Flash cause any harm to my computer?

    There are no known issues associated with installing Flash.

  • Can I take the test using a dial-up connection?

    We strongly discourage you from taking the online test with a dial-up connection, as it is a timed test designed for high-speed Internet connections. However, you may take the test from any location, so you're welcome to use an alternate computer with a high-speed connection.

  • I took last year's Adult Test. Can I participate in this round?

    Yes, you are welcome to participate in this round of tests as long as you did not attend an in-person audition in the past 18 months or take the January or March 2012 test.

  • I've taken the College Test in the past. Am I eligible for this round?

    The College Online Test is considered a separate event and does not disqualify you from this round of tests. We encourage you to participate as long as you meet the other eligibility requirements.

  • I want to register for the Teen, College or Kids Test. Where should I go?

    You're on the Cleveland and Cincinnati Test site. When registration opens for other age groups, that information will be posted here.

  • There is more than one eligible adult in my household. Can we both take the test?

    Yes, you can both take the test. Please note the following:

    • You will each need to register with different email addresses.
    • You will each need your own computer to take the test.
  • Are Canadians eligible to take the test?

    Canadians residents are not eligible for the Ohio Online Test. Check back early next year for the regular Adult Online Test.

  • Can I participate if I have a disability?

    Jeopardy! is proud of its long-standing reputation of openness to applicants with disabilities. If you have a disability and require assistance to complete the online test you may have a family member, a friend, or an assistant read the clues to you and/or type in your responses. Please note print-to-speech software and/or voice recognition programs may not operate quickly enough to allow you to answer within the time constraints of the online test.

  • What are the contestant eligibility requirements?


    • You must be 18 or older.
    • You must live in the Cleveland or Cincinnati viewing area.
    • If you took the test in January or March 2012, you are not eligible to take the test again at this time.
    • You are not eligible to take the Online Test if you have attended an in-person interview within the past 18 months. All applicants who have been to an in person interview are in the contestant department active files for 18 months. If, at the end of 18 months from the date of your in-person interview, you have not been booked to appear on the show, you are eligible to take the next Online Test.
    • Any attempt to take the Online Test during your period of ineligibility could result in disqualification.


    • You are not eligible to be a contestant on Jeopardy! if you have appeared on any version of the show with Alex Trebek.
    • You are not eligible to be a contestant on Jeopardy! if you have appeared on a game show/dating show/relationship show/reality show in the last year or three game shows/dating shows/relationship shows/reality shows in the last 10 years.
    • You may not be eligible to play on Jeopardy! if you are employed by, related to, or within the last five years known anyone who works for Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc., Sony Pictures Television Inc., Quadra Productions, Inc., CBS Television Distribution, Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy! prize suppliers, or any TV station (including advertisers and related radio stations) broadcasting Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy!