Steve Tamerius

I've been involved with the game show business since the early 1980s and have written for about 10 different shows including "Tic Tac Dough", "Trivia Trap", "Card Sharks", and, of course, "JEOPARDY!" The 2005-2006 season will be my 19th with the show. Along the way, I've been fortunate enough to win six Emmys.

I've written five books including ELVIS: HIS LIFE FROM A TO Z. An updated version of the book is in the works. From 1978 to 1983, I edited and published "Trivia Unlimited" magazine, the first national magazine devoted exclusively to trivia.

I look forward to each Fall, not only because it's the beginning of a new season on "JEOPARDY!", but it's also the kickoff of the college football season. A fanatical and somewhat demented college football buff, I live and die with the success (usually) and failure (rarely) of my beloved Nebraska Cornhuskers. Normally, a God-fearing, decent fellow, I've been known to be downright cantankerous with the unsuspecting salesman who calls or knocks on the door during a telecast. (Now, if I could just talk the producers into moving the "JEOPARDY!" production offices to Lincoln...)

Debbie Griffin

Debbie Griffin, who once nearly threw her typewriter (remember those?) out the window so she wouldn't have to write any more, is now in her 16th year as a writer for "JEOPARDY!"

A native Californian and graduate of CSUN, Debbie began her career as a researcher for "Tic Tac Dough" and later wrote for "Sale of the Century." Her head is crammed so full of facts (mostly useless) that her friends call her F. Oak (Font of all Knowledge). Debbie also completed 3 seasons on "Rock & Roll JEOPARDY!" and has won 6 Emmys. Not a bad life.

Michele Loud

The product of an oppressively supportive family, a bright-eyed and eager Michele Nicole Loud made her world debut before mom could sign up for that epidural. Michele grew up quickly on the mean streets of Studio City, California -- she'd been to her first Barry Manilow concert at the age of six. There would be more. Smash cut to Tufts University. After receiving her B.A. in English literature in 1991, Michele made her triumphant return to Southern California, where a period of aggressive slackerhood was cut short by employment at a magazine. Michele auditioned twice as a contestant for "JEOPARDY!" and failed before she had the pleasure of giving notice to her editor by saying that she'd been hired as a researcher for America's most popular game of answers and questions. One of the highlights of Michele's career as a researcher was a phone conversation with Rip Taylor (about confetti, natch). Following in the footsteps of esteemed "JEOPARDY!" writer Billy Wisse, Michele served as proofreader on her way to becoming a writer in 1997. Michele is the first writer to complete the "JEOPARDY!" hat trick, writing for "JEP!" and "Rock & Roll JEOPARDY!", as well as the regular show.

Jim Rhine

Former special agent and now "JEOPARDY!" Writer Jim Rhine was born at the height of the cold war and then again 2 weeks after that. A comfortable childhood included work in a Nike factory in Indonesia, Visits on weekends to Chernobyl & a steady diet of crickets & honey. After a short university career at Woolamaloo U, where Jim majored in being a miner & lettered 4 times on the cat-tossing team, the real world beckoned. Jim's voluminous professional resume includes listings as diverse as malamute breeder, General Patton's sensitivity instructor, Richard Nixon's ethics advisor & Mike Tyson's sportsmanship coach. Other "freelance" jobs from his post-college years include Jamaican farmer, aspiring Olympian & giant sea otter tamer. Even Jim isn't sure where he was from 1994 to 1997. In recent months, when Jim isn't spending 23 1/2 hours a day at "JEOPARDY!" ('I love my job, dad!' says Jim!), He plays starting goalie for the southern hockey league team "the Macon Whoopees."

Mark Gaberman

Born in New York City, MARK GABERMAN has co-written five episodes of "STAR TREK: VOYAGER". He has also written a book, "THE COMPLETELY GUILTY BYSTANDER", available at a certain online bookseller with a South American river in its name. When not riding the rails in search of the true America, cliff diving in Acapulco, or saving whales off the coast of Australia, he enjoys the tranquil setting of small-town Los Angeles with his wife and son.

Billy Wisse

John G. Diefenbaker's years as Canada's prime minister were tumultuous and exciting ones, in which Canada struggled to come to terms with its place on the world stage. Diefenbaker's actions seemed to exemplify the split identity of his Progressive Conservative party, as he appointed Canada's first woman cabinet minister and first Native Canadian senator, yet shocked the nation's pride by canceling the technologically advanced homegrown Avro Arrow jet fighter. Also Billy Wisse was born then. Billy grew up in Montreal, received a bachelor's and a master's degree in English literature from McGill University, and moved to Los Angeles in 1989 to pursue screenwriting. After stints in ghostwriting, proofreading and scriptreading, and a one-review career as a movie critic, he joined JEOPARDY! as a researcher in 1990 and was promoted to Writer in 1996. He also serves as Editorial Supervisor. Billy is a poet whose work is available in book form in Defrosting and Poems from the Archive of the Pearl Roth Institute (learn more at John Diefenbaker was still Member of Parliament for Prince Albert, Saskatchewan when he died in Ottawa in 1979.