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Is Pop Culture Jeopardy! affiliated with original Jeopardy!?

Yes! Pop Culture Jeopardy! is produced by the Jeopardy! team and Sony Pictures Television.

What subjects will be covered in Pop Culture Jeopardy!?

Topics may include: Movies, TV, Music, Broadway, Books, Social Media, Sports, Fashion, Comic-Con, Current & Iconic Events, Fads & Trends, and more. We recommend building a team with the most diverse range of knowledge possible.

Will Pop Culture Jeopardy! air at the same time and place as original Jeopardy!?

No. Pop Culture Jeopardy! will stream exclusively on Prime Video.


What is the process to become a contestant on Pop Culture Jeopardy!?

Those interested in applying should create a team of three. Each team member will need to take their own Pop Culture Jeopardy! Anytime Test. Individual test scores will be combined into a team score, and those teams with passing scores will receive an application followed by an invitation to a virtual audition. An invite to an audition is not a guarantee that you will be selected for the program.

Where and when will Pop Culture Jeopardy! tapings take place?

Pop Culture Jeopardy! tapes at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, California. Tape dates will be given to those who are selected to participate.

Do I have to live locally to participate?

No. Eligible contestants may be provided travel on an as-needed basis.


What are the minimum eligibility requirements?

Must be 18+. U.S. and Canada residents only.

Can I still apply for Pop Culture Jeopardy! if I’ve already taken the Jeopardy! Anytime Test this year and/or if I’m already in the contestant process for original Jeopardy!?


Can I still apply for Pop Culture Jeopardy! if I have already been on Jeopardy! or am scheduled to appear on Jeopardy!?


Can I still apply for Jeopardy! if I apply for Pop Culture Jeopardy!?


Does applying for Pop Culture Jeopardy! automatically submit me for Jeopardy! and vice versa?

No. Applicants are only considered for the programs that they specifically apply to.


Can I still apply if I don’t have a team?

No. We will not be able to consider anyone for the audition step until three people have taken the test with the same team code and name.

I accidentally created a new team when I meant to join an existing team. How do I let you know who the rest of my team is?

No problem! Please email us at with the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Team Name you entered
  • Team Code you generated from your registration
  • Team Code of your other team members

Can more than 3 people apply to be on the same team?

No. Only teams of 3 will be considered.

Can I be considered on multiple teams?

You will only be considered for the first team that you apply with. You will not be considered for multiple teams.


What is the Pop Culture Jeopardy! Anytime Test?

The Pop Culture Jeopardy! Anytime Test is an online quiz for anyone who would like to be considered to participate as a contestant on Pop Culture Jeopardy!. It is designed so that you can take it at a time that is most convenient for you.

To participate in the test, users must: Create a MyJeopardy! account and complete the extended contestant registration. Be logged in to the testing site at before the test starts.

How long does the test take?

The test consists of 50 clues, and you will have 15 seconds to respond to each clue. The test takes approximately 15 minutes. You cannot restart.

Can I take the Pop Culture Jeopardy! Anytime Test more than once?

No. You may only take the test once per season of Pop Culture Jeopardy!

What happens if I start the test and can’t finish it at that time?

If you start the Pop Culture Jeopardy! Anytime Test and close the test window in the middle of the test, it will not be considered a test submission and your answers will not be saved. If you’ve already completed the registration form, you will not need to re-register if you return to take the test. Please note that once you see the test countdown, it will be considered an attempt, and you only have a limited number of attempts. You may not be given the same set of questions when you return to take the test.

Why does everyone on my team have to take their own test?

Even though Pop Culture Jeopardy! is a team game, we need to ensure that all team members can play at a high enough level that they are set up for success on the stage!


Can I see my test results or the results of my team members?

Jeopardy! never reveals test scores. Only passing scores will be considered for an audition.

How do I know if you’ve received my test?

You will receive a confirmation that your test has been submitted within 24 hours of taking it. If you and your team members pass the test and qualify for an audition, the Jeopardy! contestant department may contact you any time within three months. Those who do not pass the test will not be contacted.

NOTE: Look for emails regarding auditions coming from the “” domain, not from “,” and update your spam filters accordingly.

How can I make sure I receive your emails after taking the test?

Please add and to your Address Book or Contacts to ensure you receive updates in your inbox.

How to Update your Contacts:


Still have questions? Reach out to us at