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Tournament Contestants

Season Sort descending Tournament Name From Lifetime Winnings Additional Tournaments
2 Tournament Of Champions Jerry Frankel Buffalo, New York $100,000
3 Seniors Tournament Zeke Sevilla, Jr. Vienna, Virginia $25,000
3 Tournament Of Champions Chuck Forrest London, England $222,800 M$M, UTOC, Decades
3 Teen Tournament Michael Galvin Shaker Heights, Ohio $25,000
4 Teen Tournament Michael Block Staten Island, New York $25,000
4 Tournament Of Champions Bob Verini Los Angeles, California $221,802 Also appeared in UTOC, M$M (finalist) & Decades.
5 College Championship Tom Cubbage Southern Methodist University $131,600 Also winner of Season 6 TOC. Appeared in UTOC, Decades.
5 Seniors Tournament Ouida Rellstab New Orleans, Louisiana $25,000
5 Teen Tournament Eric Newhouse Vermillion, South Dakota $178,100 Also winner of Season 15 Teen Reunion and M$M finalist. Appeared in UTOC.
5 Tournament Of Champions Mark Lowenthal Reston, Virginia $154,901 Also appeared in Decades.
6 Seniors Tournament George Soule Northfield, Minnesota $25,000
6 Teen Tournament Jamie Weiss St. Louis, Missouri $26,000
6 College Championship Michael Thayer Rutgers $25,000
6 Tournament Of Champions Tom Cubbage Southern Methodist University $131,600 Also winner of Season 5 College Championship. Appeared in UTOC & Decades.
7 Teen Tournament Andy Westney Charlotte, North Carolina $31,000 Also appeared in UTOC.
7 College Championship Scott Gillispie Georgia Tech $27,400
7 Tournament Of Champions Bob Blake Vancouver, British Columbia $197,201 Also appeared in UTOC.
7 Super Jeopardy! $250,000 Challenge Bruce Seymour Piedmont, California $250,000
7 Seniors Tournament Lou Pryor New Canaan, Connecticut $26,601
8 Seniors Tournament Leonard Schmidt Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania $25,000
8 Teen Tournament April McManus Hertfordshire, England $25,000
8 College Championship Billy Baxter William & Mary $26,200
8 Tournament Of Champions Jim Scott Columbia, Maryland $154,300 Also appeared in UTOC & Decades.
9 Seniors Tournament Marilyn Kneeland San Diego, California $25,000
9 Teen Tournament Fraser Woodford Lexington, Kentucky $28,999
9 College Championship Phoebe Juel Grinnell College $28,000
9 Tournament Of Champions Leszek Pawlowicz Phoenix, Arizona $180,400 Also appeared in UTOC & Decades.
10 10th Anniversary Tournament Frank Spangenberg Douglaston, New York $249,596 Also appeared in Season 7 TOC, M$M, UTOC & Decades.
10 Seniors Tournament Bart Thomas Bridgewater, New Jersey $250,000
10 Teen Tournament Matt Morris New York, New York $29,601