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Tournament Contestants

Season Sort descending Tournament Name From Lifetime Winnings Additional Tournaments
18 College Championship Vinita Kailasanath Stanford University $50,000
18 Teen Tournament Bernard Holloway Mitchellville, Maryland $50,000
19 Tournament Of Champions Mark Dawson Woodland Hills, California $333,849 Also appeared in UTOC & Decades.
19 College Championship Kyle Hale Texas A&M $51,300
19 Teen Tournament John Zhang Lexington, Kentucky $50,000
20 College Championship Keith Williams Middlebury College $50,000
20 Teen Tournament Jennifer Wu Arkedelphia, Arkansas $75,000
21 Teen Tournament Michael Braun Silver Springs, Maryland $75,000
21 74-Game Champion Ken Jennings Seattle, Washington $4,370,700 Also competed in UTOC & Decades. 2nd Place in Watson Invitational. Second Place All-Star Games, Winner of G.O.A.T
21 College Championship Kermin Fleming Carnegie Mellon $100,000
21 Tournament Of Champions Russ Schumacher College Station, Texas $319,800 Also appeared in UTOC & Decades.
21 Ultimate Tournament Of Champions Brad Rutter Lancaster, Pennsylvania $4,938,436 Also winner of All-Star Games, Season 18 TOC, M$M & Decades. 3rd Place in Watson Invitational. 3rd Place G.O.A.T.
22 Teen Tournament Papa Chakravarthy Lexington, Kentucky $75,000
22 College Championship Nico Martinez Stanford College $100,000
22 Tournament Of Champions Michael Falk Milwaukee, Wisconsin $309,403 Also appeared in Decades.
23 Teen Tournament David Walter Wilmington, Delaware $75,000
23 Teen Tournament Meryl Federman Livingstone, New Jersey $75,000 (aka Summer Games Tournament)
23 College Championship Cliff Galiher UCLA $100,000
24 Teen Tournament Rachel Horn Cincinnati, Ohio $75,000
24 College Championship Joey Beachum Mississippi State $100,000
24 Tournament Of Champions Celeste Dinucci Philadelphia, Pennsylvania $33,601 Also appeared in Decades.
25 Teen Tournament Anurag Kashyap Poway, California $75,000
25 College Championship Patrick Tucker University Of Notre Dame $100,000
25 Tournament Of Champions Dan Pawson Boston, Massachusetts $420,902 Also appeared in Decades.
26 Teen Tournament Rachel Rothenberg Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania $75,000
26 College Championship Nick Yozamp Washington University In St. Louis $100,000
26 Tournament Of Champions Vijay Balse Chatham, New Jersey $332,400
27 Teen Tournament Raynell Cooper Rockville, Maryland $75,000
27 College Championship Erin Mclean Boston University $100,000
27 Teachers Tournament Charles Temple Ocracoke, North Carolina $100,000