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Tournament Contestants

Season Sort descending Tournament Name From Lifetime Winnings Additional Tournaments
27 Watson Invitational Watson $1,000,000
28 Tournament Of Champions Roger Craig Newark, Delaware $530,200 Also appeared in Decades (finalist).
28 College Championship Monica Thieu University Of North Texas $205,000 2nd Place All-Stars Games, Tournament of Champions, and College Championship.
28 Teen Tournament Elyse Mancuso Omaha, Nebraska $79,600
28 Teachers Tournament Patrick Quinn Chesterfield, Missouri $100,000
29 College Championship Jim Coury Georgetown University $100,000
29 Teachers Tournament Colby Burnett Chicago, Illinois $480,334 Also winner of Season 29 TOC. Appeared in Decades. 3rd Place All-Star Games.
29 Tournament Of Champions Colby Burnett Chicago, Illinois $480,334 Also winner of Season 29 Teachers Tournament. Appeared in Decades. 3rd Place All Stars Tournament.
29 Teen Tournament Leonard Cooper Little Rock, Arkansas $75,000
30 Battle Of The Decades Brad Rutter Lancaster, Pennsylvania $4,938,436 Also winner of All-Star Games, Season 18 TOC, M$M & UTOC. 3rd Place in Watson Invitational. 3rd Place G.O.A.T.
30 Teen Tournament Jeff Xie Edison, New Jersey $75,000
30 College Championship Terry O'Shea Princeton University $100,000
30 Teachers Tournament John Pearson Richardson, Texas $100,000
31 Teachers Tournament Jennifer Giles Longmont, Colorado $100,000
31 Tournament Of Champions Ben Ingram Florence, South Carolina $426,534
32 College Championship Sam Deutsch University of Southern California $100,000
32 Teachers Tournament Jason Sterlacci Somerset, New Jersey $100,000
32 Tournament Of Champions Alex Jacob Greensboro, North Carolina $250,000
33 Teachers Tournament David Clemmons Fort Worth, Texas $100,000
33 College Championship Lilly Chin M.I.T. $100,000
33 Teen Tournament Sharath Narayan Madison, Alabama $100,000
34 College Championship Dhruv Gaur Brown University $100,000
34 Teachers Tournament Larry Martin* Kansas City, Missouri $100,000
34 Tournament Of Champions Buzzy Cohen Los Angeles, California $416,603
35 Teen Tournament Claire Sattler Bonita Springs, Florida $100,000
35 Teachers Tournament Francois Barcomb New Paltz, New York $100,000
35 Teen Tournament Avi Gupta Portland, Oregon $100,000
35 All-Star Games David Madden Ridgewood, New Jersey $763,733 Team Brad All-Stars Games.
35 All-Star Games Larissa Kelly Richmond, California $655,930 Team Brad All-Stars Games.
35 All-Star Games Alan Lin Riverside, California $266,933 Season 34 Tournament of Champions, 3rd Place All-Star Games.