Jeopardy! now has three games available for the Alexa enabled device!

With the Jeopardy! J!6 skill, play the “extra” 6th clue in each category from the day’s broadcast. With a single voice command, test your knowledge with new daily clues.

In Sports Jeopardy! there’s a new challenge for the sports fans out there with 12 new clues to play, released every Friday.

And in the Teen Jeopardy! skill, you’ll get to play our clues written especially for teens and families. Teen Jeopardy! also has 12 new clues every Friday.

Step up to the podium and get the "true" Jeopardy! experience now as you try to play just like contestants on the show!


  1. You will need an Echo device to get started. If you don't have one, you can purchase one from Amazon.
  2. Say "Alexa, Open Jeopardy!", "Alexa, Open Sports Jeopardy!" or "Alexa, Open Teen Jeopardy!" to access each game.

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