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Happy Birthday to the One and Only Alex Trebek


We are 32 years into our relationship with Alex Trebek, but we still get excited about July 22nd. So please join us in extending a very happy birthday toast to our favorite host. Thanks, Alex, for your work ethic, your sense of humor, and for your skill at striking that delicate balance between entertainment and erudition that has made Jeopardy! an institution in the world of entertainment. On the occasion of Alex’s 75th birthday, we caught up with him to reminisce about another birthday long ago:

“70 years ago, my birthday treat was a last minute thing. I came home from playing in the dirt and was surprised to find that my family had arranged for a pony for my sister and me to have our pictures taken with. Barbara’s picture was taken in front of the house. She’s all dolled up and looks very happy. But because I came home late, the pony was leaving and there was no time for me to clean up. They just put me in the saddle in front of a bush somewhere and grabbed a quick photo. That’s why I wasn’t smiling and maybe why the horse doesn’t look happy either. That was the last time I was unprepared for a birthday photograph.”