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Ever Wondered What’s ‘Beyond the Clue’?

Jeopardy! clues can run to a maximum of 7 lines with 17 characters on each. And although our writers can always find ways to challenge and entertain viewers, those limitations don’t leave a lot of opportunities for storytelling. For instance, on Jeopardy! you might have learned that Picasso’s masterpiece “Guernica” was banned from exhibition in Spain – but did you know who banned it? Another recent clue pointed to the year 1892 and the first person to be convicted based on fingerprint evidence. But were you aware that fictional detective Sherlock Holmes had adopted the same techniques two years earlier? That’s where “Beyond the Clue” comes in.

If you follow Jeopardy! on Instagram and Facebook, then you’ve probably seen Beyond the Clue, our new series that spotlights a clue from that week and digs a little deeper into the facts around it. Even when you already know the answer, Beyond the Clue fills in some of the fascinating details behind the question.

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