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Jason Keller: "So Few Words to Say That So Much Changed"

From Season 28

I don’t know if a short blurb can really encapsulate everything that Jeopardy! did for me. My regular season run was a dream come true, and I can’t imagine how different my life would have been without it.  I now manage tutors in addition to teaching (and I am still often introduced as “nine-time Jeopardy! Champion Jason Keller” to new students). The Scrabble community recognized me from my appearance, which gave me the confidence to strive to be world-class. I have used some of my winnings to travel around the world (a fan in Perth, Australia even wanted a picture with me!). I also used my status as a champion to help others, hosting fundraisers for a local chapter of the Arc. I also took ownership of my health and lifestyle, in part to prepare for the Tournament of Champions. I have had some struggles, but I look and feel better now than ever did when I was playing, all thanks to Jeopardy!