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Kara Spak: "Wrong Answer Still Going Viral"

From Season 27

Nearly 3 million YouTube hits later and it’s the clue I can’t escape from. I’ve heard about it on the job and from parents at my kid’s school. I’ve seen it replayed on national news channels and countless “Worst Game Show Answers” lists. “What is a threesome?” was a ridiculous question I delivered during the 2011 Tournament of Champions. Viewers also saw my faceplant after, as well as a few witty quips from Alex Trebek. While the “Jeopardy! threesome” might be what I’m most remembered for, I’ll always remember the excitement of walking into the studio and all the amazing people — those working on the show and my fellow contestants — I met there. One day when my daughter is old enough to search the internet, she’ll find me and might have some questions. What I hope to tell her is that it’s great to try something new, no one’s perfect, life can be a little silly and you’ve got to roll with the punches. I’ll also let her know my favorite threesome, then and now, is her, her dad and me.