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Martin Cunningham: "Marty's story - My life with Jeopardy!"

From Season 34

I grew up watching Jeopardy!, but never knew all the answers. In junior high, I created my own version of the game and my teacher let me play it with the class. I created the clues and answers based on what we were studying at the time. My wife and family always said I should be a contestant on the show. In 2010, I took my first online test and went to my first audition. But it wasn't until 2017, after my third test and third audition, that I got a call to appear on the show. Every step was more exciting; winning my first game, getting invited back for another week of taping, then watching with friends. I love facts and statistics, so the best part is that I am now part of the history of the show myself.  I'm still waiting to see what else may come next from this experience.