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Sarah Bauer: "A Daily Double Shot at Love"

From Season 28

Greer Mackebee and I met as participants in the 2012 Jeopardy! College Championship - we were even in the same Jeopardy! audition months before getting the call to be in the tournament. We both come from families that watch a lot of Jeopardy!, so being on the show truly fulfilled lifelong dreams. Greer beat me in our first round match, but I've managed to forgive him. When we both found ourselves working as attorneys in Washington, D.C. several years after our tournament aired, we naturally put a trivia team together. Eventually, we went on our first date over six years after Jeopardy! first brought us together, and we're still happily together today. And, of course, we still watch Jeopardy! together every chance we get!