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Contestant Spotlight: Afam Onyema of GEANCO Foundation

If you haven’t heard of Afam Onyema, it isn’t due to his lack of accomplishment. The Chicago-born Stanford Law School graduate (who also has a degree from Harvard University) forwent the prestigious, lucrative life of an attorney to run the GEANCO Foundation, a philanthropic medical organization he co-founded with his father. GEANCO has  been serving impoverished communities’ medical needs in Nigeria since 2005, and Oprah Winfrey is a donor.  

Afam tells us that he’d dreamed of competing on Jeopardy! since childhood. This season, his dream became a reality, starting with taking the online test and culminating in his appearance on Tuesday’s episode.

Hear about Afam’s contestant journey, in his own words:


Though he didn’t get the win this time, Afam calls his experience one that he’ll remember and cherish for the rest of his life. His words of advice for all prospective contestants:

“If you want to be on the show...give yourself a chance. And if you don’t make it past that process, when the online test comes it again.”

The philanthropist, who took his education and resources and channeled them toward Nigerian needs, said it was an honor to be on Jeopardy! We are equally honored to have him on the show.