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Matt Amodio Reveals Strategy Behind 'What’s'

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For 25 games straight, Jeopardy! champion Matt Amodio has started (almost) every one of his responses with the phrase "what's." 

While some may consider Matt's approach unorthodox, it certainly isn't against the rules of the game. The rules state, "all contestant responses to an answer must be phrased in a form of a question," which is something Matt says he was aware of at the start of his historic run. 

"I have watched a lot of Jeopardy!, and I have seen rulings on individual questions here and there," Matt said during a recent post-game chat. "So, I have known from experience what is acceptable and what is not." 

In addition to being cautious about following the rules, Matt says the method behind his unique strategy is really all about keeping things simple. 

"I went about the approach of saying the fewer things to think about, the better," Matt said. "I found the simplest, most repeatable approach I could and went with it." 

With 25 game wins under his belt and a total of $893,201, Matt currently ranks third in the Jeopardy! Hall of Fame for consecutive games won and highest winnings during regular-season play. 

Tune in tomorrow to see if Matt can keep his record-breaking streak going!