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Five-Game Winner Ryan Long Secures Spot in Next Tournament of Champions

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Five-game Jeopardy! winner Ryan Long is officially headed to the next Tournament of Champions!

The rideshare driver from Philadelphia secured his spot in the upcoming competition on Thursday when he won his fifth game and added $19,201 to his total winnings of $105,801. 

As a fan who grew up watching Jeopardy! with his parents, Ryan said his success on the show has been far greater than he expected.

“‘Surreal’ is probably the best word I can think of,” Ryan said. “I thought that I could do okay, maybe. But I didn’t think I would get anywhere near this level.”

Ryan kicked off his streak last Friday with an emotional first victory, an accomplishment that nearly brought the usually poker-faced champ to tears.

“You go through life learning different things. Maybe the things that you are into are not the things that other people are into,” Ryan said. “And those things they change you, and they make you think in different ways. I think they’re important… It’s just nice to have an outlet for them, finally.”

As Ryan attempts to keep his streak going, the five-game champion said he hopes to inspire those who may be apprehensive about trying out to be on the show. 

“I’m not like a professional guy. I’m a working guy,” Ryan said. “You just have to believe in yourself, lay it on the line and do it.”