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Ben Chan, Yogesh Raut, and Troy Meyer Advance to 2024 Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions Finals

In a fight to the finish on Monday, Troy Meyer defeated Luigi de Guzman and Brian Henegar and earned his spot in the 2024 Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions finals alongside Yogesh Raut and Ben Chan.

Luigi thrived during the first half of the game, amassing a $8,200 lead over Troy by the end of the first round with a score of $10,600, while Brian trailed in third place with $1,000.

The tables turned for Luigi during Double Jeopardy! when Troy established himself as the front-runner after picking up both Daily Doubles in the round.

Heading into Final Jeopardy!, Troy was in the lead with a score of $28,400, while Luigi was in second place with $18,600, and Brian was in third with $6,200. All three contestants were unable to provide the correct response to the final clue. Nevertheless, Troy still came out on top and won the game with a score of $19,599. Brian finished as the first runner-up with a score of $6,195 and Luigi placed third with $1.

Yogesh Raut punched his ticket to the finals last Friday with a runaway victory over Emily Sands and David Sibley. 

Emily took the lead early on when she found the first Daily Double and shortly after, it became a battle of the buzzer for first place between Emily and Yogesh with David trailing in third. At the start of Double Jeopardy!, Yogesh was out front with $7,400, and he continued to expand his lead by responding correctly to clue after clue. When Emily found the first Daily Double of the round, it was clear she needed to bet big if she wanted to keep up with Yogesh. However, she was not able to provide the correct response and dropped into third place with $0 behind David, who had a score of $2,200. Shortly after tackling a few clues, Emily picked up the second Daily Double but even after doubling her score to $5,600, it was not enough to stop Yogesh from heading into Final Jeopardy! with a runaway lead.

In the end, Yogesh finished in first place with a score of $21,400. Emily placed second with $6,800 and David took third place with $6,200.

Ben Chan became the first champion to advance to the finals on Thursday when he won his semifinal against Ike Barinholtz and Jared Watson. For most of the first round, Ben and Jared went back and forth for the first position while Ike dangled in third place.

At the beginning of Double Jeopardy!, Jared was in the lead with $7,400 but Ben was hot on his heels with $6,800. Ike was still picking up steam in third with $1,600. After adding $4,000 to his score with the first Daily Double of the round, Ben shifted into the front-runner position. However, Jared was determined to close the gap and seized the opportunity by going all-in on the second Daily Double. Unfortunately, he came up short, which allowed Ike to take his spot in second position.

By Final Jeopardy!, Ben was still in first place with $15,200, but his lead was not insurmountable, as Ike was in second place with $10.400, while Jared stayed in third place with $3,600. None of the contestants responded correctly to Final Jeopardy!, which ultimately allowed Ben to win the game with a score of $9,599. Jared finished in second place with $3,600 and Ike took third with $0.

The first player to achieve three victories in the best-of-seven finals will be crowned this year’s tournament champion, take home the $250,000 grand prize, and earn a spot in the upcoming Jeopardy! Masters competition.