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Champions, That's a Wrap!

They came, they saw, they played their hearts out. The 2017 champions gave us no shortage of things to talk about during the tournament. Now get a look at some of the fun behind the scenes.

Green Room

Every Jeopardy! tournament starts in the green room. At this point, Austin Rogers’ streak has not yet aired, so none of the other champions have seen his unique gameplay.

Sam Deutsch

2016 College Championship winner, Sam Deutsch, gets ready for the camera.

Alan Lin

Before any of the action begins, contestants read promo lines for their local TV stations. Alan Lin steps behind the podium – before his path to the tournament finals is even a thing.

Lisa Schlitt

The champions also share their pre-tournament thoughts and feelings. Lisa Schlitt reflects on what it feels like to be back.

David Clemmons

2017 Teachers Tournament winner, David Clemmons, hams it up for the camera. He emerged as a fan favorite among the teachers who competed just a few months ago.

John Lauderdale

How many Jeopardy! champs can you fit behind a podium? Stage manager John Lauderdale goes over the sequence of play. But these 15 champions represent more than $2 million in total winnings. They know what they’re doing.

Buzzy Cohen

Buzzy Cohen steps up to reintroduce himself (and his signature brush-off).

Jason Sterlacci, Sam Deutsch and Jon Eisenman

The champs know that staying relaxed is a key to performing well. Jason Sterlacci, Sam Deutsch and Jon Eisenman chill before rehearsals in the “on deck” circle.

Austin Rogers

Austin Rogers awaits his game, passing the time with a less competitive one (we think). For the quarterfinals, contestants are sequestered in the green room to keep them from knowing what high non-winning score might qualify them as a wild card.

Lilly Chin and Maggie Speak

That final high ten from producer Maggie Speak is the last thing any contestant does before starting their match. Must have been a lucky ten for this year’s College Championship winner, Lilly Chin. She qualified for the semifinals shortly after this.

Austin and Buzzy

Having just qualified for the finals, Austin and Buzzy carefully size up the competition in the last semifinal game. Alan is an impressive and strategic force to be reckoned with.

Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions 2017

At the end of every tournament, one winner emerges, but all 15 contestants leave the experience with a bond that only an intensive 10-game challenge can bring about. Thanks to all of our champions for bringing their A game to this year’s rambunctious tournament!