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Victoria Groce Wins Jeopardy! Masters 2024: ‘I Feel Like the Luckiest Person that Ever Was’

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Victoria “The Queen” Groce has officially been crowned the winner of Jeopardy! Masters 2024.

Victoria claimed victory over James Holzhauer and Yogesh Raut in Wednesday’s two-game final with a total of 55,400 points. Yogesh took second place with a total of 45,910 points, and James finished in third place with a total of 38,017 points. 

“I am still absolutely buzzing,” Victoria said of her win during a special edition of Inside Jeopardy!. “I cannot believe any of this happened.”

After picking up two clutch Daily Doubles, Victoria secured the win in Game Two of the finals in a runaway and won the competition. 

“Once I hit that last Daily Double, I was like it’s too difficult with the amount that was on the board to really do the math,” Victoria said. “But I was pretty sure that if I kept it small, I was going to lock the game.”

“I felt triumphant, oh my God,” she continued. 

Competition was stiff in Game One of the finals. But after James picked up a Daily Double and provided the correct Final Jeopardy! response, he won the game with 28,309 points. Victoria took second place with 21,400 points; while Yogesh finished in third place with 19,200. 

Victoria lived up to her nickname of “The Queen” and reigned supreme throughout the competition. She notched a total of five runaway games and provided an impressive 257 correct responses. Even with her success in each round, Victoria said she never felt like she had the competition in the bag. 

“I never felt like I could take anything for granted until I had locked up, you know, the next stage of the competition,” Victoria said. “I have far too much respect for the game and far too much respect for my opponents who are incredible.”

“I don’t think I need to tell any viewers how good these players are,” she continued. “All five of them [are] just fantastic.”

As the 2024 Jeopardy! Masters champion Victoria has won the $500,000 grand prize and Trebek Trophy. For finishing in second place, Yogesh earned $250,000; while James, who came in third place, received $150,000. All three players will receive automatic entry into next year’s Jeopardy! Masters. 

For a contestant who previously only won one game back in 2005 before returning to the Alex Trebek Stage this year and winning the Jeopardy! Invitational, Victoria has proven to be one of the show’s most formidable players.

“This is every dream I would have had for myself as a young kid,” Victoria said of her Jeopardy! journey.