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Daytime jeopardy! ABC 7 at 3:30pm
Daytime jeopardy! ABC 7 at 3:30pm
Daytime jeopardy! ABC 7 at 3:30pm
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Because of the Olympic Games on NBC, Jeopardy! may be preempted or moved between February 9 and February 25. Below are the locations/stations that may be affected. Jeopardy! may air at a later time in areas not listed below. Please check your local listings for more information.

CityStationOriginal AiringSchedule During Olympic Games
AtlantaWXIA-TV7:30 PMairing 7:30 PM on WATL
DetroitWDIV-TV7:30 PMairing 7:00 PM
IndianapolisWTHR7:30 PMairing 7:00 PM
San DiegoKNSD-TV7:30 PMairing 7:30 PM on DT2
Kansas CityKSHB-DT3:30 PMairing M-F 5:00 PM KMCI
Oklahoma CityKFOR-TV3:30 PMairing 8:30 PM on KAUT
JacksonvilleWTLV-DT7:30 PMairing 7:30 PM on WJXX
Wilkes-BarreWBRE-TV7:30 PMpreempted
KnoxvilleWBIR-DT7:30 PMairing 7:30 PM on DT2
DaytonWDTN7:30 PMairing 7:00 PM
Des MoinesWHO-DT3:30 PMairing M-Th 3:30 AM, F 5:00 AM
SpokaneKHQ-TV7:00 PMpreempted
PaducahWPSD-TV3:30 PMairing 3:30 PM on DT3
WacoKCEN-TV3:30 PMairing 3:30 PM on DT2
SavannahWSAV-TV7:30 PMpreempted
Charleston, SCWCBD-TV7:30 PMairing 12:30 PM
Jackson, MSWLBT3:30 PMpreempted
EvansvilleWFIE3:30 PMairing 4:00 AM
YakimaKNDO7:30 PMairing 3:00 PM
LansingWILX-TV7:30 PMpreempted
Springfield, MAWWLP7:30 PMpreempted
Santa BarbaraKSBY7:00 PMpreempted
MontereyKSBW7:00 PMairing 3:00 PM
Columbus, MSWTVA2:00 PMairing 1:30 PM
RockfordWREX-TV3:30 PMpreempted
Palm SpringsKMIR-TV7:30 PMairing 7:30 PM on KPSE
Terre HauteWTWO7:30 PMairing 12:30 PM
Idaho FallsKPVI-DT6:00 PMairing 3:30 PM
Grand JunctionKKCO-DT4:30 PMairing 5:30 PM
ChicoKNVN7:30 PMairing M&Th 4:30 AM; T&W 10:30 PM; preempted F