Interested fans must first qualify for an "in-person" audition by passing the online test. The online test consists of 50 categories and 50 clues. (30 for Kids and Sports Jeopardy!) It is delivered in a strict, timed format. These tests are typically given once a year and are only available on a limited schedule. Adults are eligible to take the test to qualify for an audition once a year. Multiple attempts to take the test could result in disqualification. In the case of tournaments for Kids, Teens, and College students, the qualifying online tests are offered once per season, or as the tournaments are scheduled. There is no separate qualifying test for the Teachers Tournament; if you are an educator interested in playing in that tournament, please take the adult online test when it is available. Audition cities change every year and different registration and eligibility rules may apply for each tournament group. To create your personal MyJeopardy! profile and make note of your interests, click here. It’s the surest way to receive automatic updates and audition information.

Everyone who passes the online test will be placed in the pool for an invitation to an in-person audition. Depending on the number of people who pass the test, applicants may be subject to a random selection process.

 The final step to qualify as a contestant is attending an in-person audition. The audition includes taking another test (along the same lines as the online test), playing a mock version of the game, and participating in a personality interview. Barring any other eligibility conflicts, everyone who makes it through the audition is in the contestant pool for 18 months.            

 The in-person audition starts with a written test consisting of 50 clues from 50 different categories in the familiar Jeopardy! format. Each clue is read aloud and simultaneously projected as text on a screen. The material covers a wide range of categories, response time is limited, and there is no time at the end of the test for review. Tests are graded and the scores compared with online test scores. After the paperwork is assembled, the contestant coordinators will lead the group through a brief game-playing tutorial, after which everyone will take turns playing a mock version of the game. At the end of the mock game, each applicant will be asked to tell a little bit about themselves; likes, dislikes, career, family, hobbies, etc.

The whole process takes approximately two hours. Please arrive early. Because of the strict format of the testing process, latecomers simply cannot be admitted. No exceptions. Only the test-takers will be permitted to enter the audition room, guests and spectators are not allowed. We encourage you to dress as you would on the show.

There is no fee to take any of the tests, but please know that any costs you incur in connection with the test and audition (including but not limited to accommodations, meals, transportation, parking) must be at your own expense. We can assume no responsibility in that regard.


Applicants must be over 18 (except for the Teen Tournament, College Championship and the Kids Week). You are not eligible to be a contestant on Jeopardy! if you have appeared on any version of the show with Alex Trebek. You may not be eligible to play on Jeopardy! if you are employed by, related to, or within the last five years known anyone who works for Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc., Sony Pictures Television Inc., Quadra Productions, Inc., CBS Television Distribution, Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy! prize suppliers, or any TV station (including advertisers and related radio stations) broadcasting Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy!

Are Canadians Eligible to take the test?

At this time we are precluded from accepting registration information from Canadian residents.  We are currently evaluating this matter.

There is more than one eligible Adult/Teen/College student/Kid in my household. Can they take the test at the same time?

Yes, you can both take the test, but you will each need to register with a different email address and you will each need your own computer to take the test.

I'm eligible to take both the College and the Adult tests. What should I do?

Eligible applicants may take the College Online Test once per season.  Taking the College Online Test does not disqualify you from taking the Adult Online Test within the same 12 month period as long as you meet all eligibility requirements for both. 

Can I participate if I have a disability?

Jeopardy! is proud of its long-standing reputation of openness to applicants with disabilities. If you have a disability and require assistance to complete the online test you may have a family member, friend or assistant read the clues to you and/or type in your responses. Please note print-to-speech software and/or voice recognition programs may not operate quickly enough to allow you to answer with the time constraints of the online test. If you are selected for an in-person audition, our contestant coordinators will work with you on any accommodations needed.  


As a general rule, the adult online tests are given every year.  If you participated in the previous year’s test, you are welcome to participate in this round of testing even if it hasn’t been a full year. There are three exceptions to this rule:

1. You are not eligible to take the test if you participated in a special test given in your local market within the past  12 months.

2. You are not eligible if you took the test and attended an in-person audition within the last 18 months. If you did attend an in-person audition, but you would like to take the test "just for fun,” please select "Yes" for the appropriate show history eligibility question. You will not be considered for a contestant audition.

3. If you attended an authorized Jeopardy! contestant event (i.e. Jeopardy! Challenge), passed a qualifying test, and participated in an "in person" interview, you must wait 18 months from the date of that in-­person tryout before you are eligible to take the online test. If you did not pass the qualifying test, the regular online test rules apply. Any attempt to take the Online test during your period of ineligibility could result in disqualification.

Am I registered? Do I need to re-register?

If you completed your MyJeopardy! profile - including your online test registration info - we have all your information on file and there's no need to re-register. As new tests are announced you'll receive notifications. When you do, it's a good idea to come back and update your preferences, test date, and check for nearest audition city.

I am unable to take the test at the designated time. Can I login late or reschedule?

The test dates and times are not flexible.  The test will begin at 3 minutes after the hour according to the test site's clock, and you must be logged in before the test begins. We recommend logging in at least 20 minutes early. While we encourage you to take the test in your own time zone, you may take it on another night depending on the demands of your schedule. There is no need to re-register or to contact us if you with to take the test on one of the other nights it is offered. Make sure that you account for any differences in the time zones. Remember that you may only login and take the test once. Subsequent attempts will result in disqualification. 

How long will the test take?

The test consists of 50 clues and you will have 15 seconds to respond to each clue. The test will take approximately 10 minutes. You cannot login late or restart.

How do I submit my responses?

To submit a response, you can either click "Submit" or wait for the full 15 seconds to elapse.  Pressing the "Enter" key on the keyboard will not submit a response. Anything you have typed into the response field will be automatically captured when time expires and you hear the "ping" alerting you to the next clue. You cannot pause, stop or go back on the test. You do not need to answer in the form of a question. Last names only are acceptable. This is not a spelling test. Partial and mistyped answers will be considered.

Will I be graded on spelling?

Correct spelling definitely helps in the test grading process, but - just like on the show - you will not be penalized for errors in spelling as long as they do not change the way the response would be spoken. We encourage you to review your responses as closely as possible and check for any potential spelling errors before submitting.

Will completing the test quickly improve my score?


What happens if I want to skip ahead to the next clue?

You may choose to skip ahead to the next clue at any time but WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU to take advantage of any extra time to re-check the category, your response and your spelling. You should be aware that any partial data that you enter into the response field will be captured and submitted "as is" when the time expires for that clue.


What are the technical requirements for my computer to take the test?

You can take the test on either a Mac or PC computer. The test is compatible with mobile or tablet devices, however, not recommended. No matter which type of device you use, we encourage you to check that you meet the technical requirements: 1. Have a high-speed Internet connection. 2. Use Internet Explorer 9.0 and above, latest version of Firefox, or Safari 5.0 and above. 3. the test is NOT compatible with AOL browsers. Do not use a screen resolution smaller than 1024x768. The online test is optimized for screens this size and larger, and it may not display properly at smaller screen resolutions. Make sure your text settings are no larger than 100%, or "normal" or "medium" size. Increased text settings will prevent you from viewing the test in full.

I am having trouble logging in and taking the test on test night. What should I do?

If you are on a Mac or PC computer and having difficulties logging in try the following tips. Close all running programs and restart your computer. Open your preferred browser and try to log in again. Do not run any other programs while taking the online test. Confirm that your screen resolution is larger than 1024x768, and that the latest version of Javascript is installed.

If none of these tips work and your computer has all of the technical requirements listed in the precious questions, please send a note with your operating system, Internet browser and version, and the error message you are receiving to and we'll do our best to help troubleshoot. 

Can I take the test on my mobile or tablet device?

Yes, the test is compatible with mobile and tablet devices, but we strongly suggest you take the online test on a Mac or PC using a high-speed Internet connection. 

Can I take the test using a dial-up connection?

We cannot guarantee that the test will perform properly using a dial-up connection.

How will I know if I've been selected to compete on Jeopardy!?

If you pass the test and play well in the mock game, you are put in the active file for 18 months from your test date. Being put in the active pool does not guarantee that you will be invited to appear on the show. If you are selected to compete on the show you will be contacted by our contestant coordinators with full details and booking instructions. 

Will I receive my test results?

The Jeopardy! Contestant Department will not send your score. You will know if you passed the test if you are contacted by a member of the Jeopardy! Contestant Department. 

When can I expect to be contacted after the test?

If you are selected to move to the next round of auditions, depending on the timing of the regional in-person contestant searches, you could be contacted by the Jeopardy! Contestant Department any time within one year of this test.

How are test takers selected to move forward?

Due to extremely limited number of audition appointments, those who pass the test will be included in a random selection process. Those selected to come to an in-person audition will be invited to their preferred audition city (chosen during registration) to participate in a full audition process.

What can I expect if I'm selected to go to an audition?

If you are selected to come to an audition, you will be tested with a new and different 50-clue test, play a "mock version" of Jeopardy! to assess your game-playing skills and do a short personality interview. Adults who pass this criteria for regular shows will remain in the applicant pool for 18 months from the date of their in-person interview. Tests and auditions for College Students, Teens, and Kids are tournament-specific. 

I haven't been contacted. When can I take the test again?

If you have not been contacted to audition of compete by the time the next online test for your group is held, we encourage you to register and take the test again, assuming you still meet all eligibility qualifications. Passing these tests does not guarantee you an appearance on Jeopardy! or make you automatically eligible to appear on the show.

Can we be certain that you will visit my preferred audition city this year?

The cities listed on the registration form are currently under consideration by the contestant department, but there is no guarantee that auditions will be held in each of them this year.

Can I change my audition city after registration?

We suggest that you select the audition city which is most convenient to you. The Contestant Department is always happy to make changes at the time that invitations are sent out, but there is no guarantee that auditions in your alternate selection will still be available or have not already been completed. 

Help! I’m in the active pool of contestants, but I have a new address and/or phone number!

If you have taken and passed the test and are currently in the contestant pool you may send us new contact information at and we will update your information in our files. Please use this email address for Contestant Department information only. We'll update your files. Refer to the contact us form for all other communications.




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