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Collaboration in the Writers’ Room

If you’ve ever glanced at the bio pages for our staff of writers, you’ll quickly realize we’ve got a, well, interesting bunch. Week after week, the team is tasked with researching and writing clues and categories for the show and assigning a dollar value to each clue based on how difficult they believe the clue is. When it comes to sharing their ideas with the rest of the team, conversation can sometimes get heated. Veteran writer, Michele Loud, had this to say about collaboration in the writers' room:

“We all have our own offices and are pretty quiet when we write. When we come together for meetings, watch out, it gets loud in there.“ Loud adds, "We haven't gotten into a fistfight over the Daily Double yet..."

If you're on the Jeopardy! stage and hear a stream of profanities laced with mentions of Shakespeare or Ben Franklin, just take solace in knowing the team is hard at work. We don't blame them, with a room full of brains and wits that could destroy hordes of quiz show fanatics, there are bound to be a few disagreements. It’s not easy coming up with clues that can withstand scrutiny from more than 10 million viewers, but somehow, they manage to continue doing so – we just hope the fistfights remain hyperbole.