Matt Caruso

After serving 12 years as a member of the research staff, Matt Caruso is the first former Jeopardy! contestant to become a writer on the show. Of his three wins in 2003 totaling in nearly $80,000, all anyone in the office seems to remember is how he misspelled the name of a certain operatic Valkyrie as “Brumhilde.” Yes. Very funny. For the record, he won it anyway. His interests include movies, world travel, gadgets and avoiding social interaction.

John Duarte

Born in Raleigh, but raised in the Big Easy, John left the South in search of authentic burritos and inauthentic architecture. Luckily, he found both in numerous L.A. strip malls. John's passions include poker, Tolkien, the New Orleans Saints, complicated MMORPGs and the seediest of dive bars. He's perfected the art of becoming a lifelong bachelor and hopes to one day write a children's book on the subject. His beard has been described as a "national treasure" or "in serious need of some work." The jury is still out.

Mark Gaberman

Born in New York City, Mark has co-written five episodes of “Star Trek: Voyager.” He’s also found time in between crafting clues to write a book, The Completely Guilty Bystander. When not riding the rails in search of the true America, cliff diving in Acapulco or saving whales off the coast of Australia, he enjoys the tranquil setting of small town Los Angeles with his wife, son and dog.

Debbie Griffin

Debbie describes her tenure at Jeopardy! as the best job in the world! A lot has changed since 1989 when Debbie joined the writing staff, most noticeably, the typewriters, Wite-Out® and frequent trips to the library which are now a thing of the past, replaced by computers and this nifty thing called the Internet. 


A graduate of Cal State University, Northridge, Debbie began her career in game shows as a researcher for "Tic Tac Dough". Other jobs followed, including a five-year stint as a writer for "Sale of the Century" and finally Jeopardy! Debbie says she's blessed to be part of such an amazing and enduring show, and the Writers Guild Award, Peabody Awards and 10 Emmys® that fill her corner curio cabinet are just the icing on the cake!

Michele Loud

The product of an oppressively supportive family, Michele grew up quickly on the mean streets of Studio City, California, before heading back east to college. A graduate of Tufts University, Michele returned to Southern California and was gainfully employed at a magazine when Jeopardy! came calling. It was with great pleasure that she was able to give her editor a two-week notice, saying she'd been hired as a researcher for America's Favorite Quiz Show®. In the over 20 years that she's been with Jeopardy!, Michele has had the pleasure of writing for all of the flavors of the show: JEP! (a kids version of the show), Rock & Roll Jeopardy!, and most recently, Sports Jeopardy!

Robert McClenaghan

The “newbie,” Robert joined the Jeopardy! writing staff in 2008 following careers in academia, publishing and street chess. He left behind an upbringing in the dank wilds of Oregon's Willamette Valley for the drier climes of Southern California. There, he whiles away his spare time as an enthusiast of baseball, punk rock, English poetry, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, German beer, American whiskey and extreme pedantry.

Jim Rhine

A Florida native, Jim has worked in many different aspects of Hollywood from actor to crew member to Jeopardy! writer. His years here on the show have allowed him the great honor and pleasure to share his explorations and discoveries of the world and the universe with the wider public at large. A true bibliophile, when Jim isn’t crafting fun new answers and questions for Jeopardy! and Sports Jeopardy!, he can usually be found haunting antiquarian bookstores around Southern California., or just grillin’ and chillin’ in his backyard.

Billy Wisse

The afternoon sun was low yet colorless in the sky and the ice had melted into a drowning archipelago in the bourbon, but two sentences were still all that sat on the screen. Billy grew up in Montreal, Canada, and received a B.A. and an M.A. in English from McGill University there. In 1989, he sought a career in screenwriting in Los Angeles, where a fortuitous Variety ad led him to Jeopardy! Can that really be a life, he wondered, taking a barely burning sip? What about the friendships sealed on canyon hikes, the unsold books of poetry, the wife and children faintly audible through the off-center oak door? What about the laughter over daily double choices and medieval Bulgarian royal sobriquets? All fading like the day. He inhaled and hit send.