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A Day In The Life Of The Clue Crew - Deep Diving For Clues


Imagine waking up at 5AM, you’re in a hotel on the coast of Belize. The sun has yet to show itself and you crawl out of bed. You get ready, needing less prep time today because this morning you’ll be submerged 80 feet deep in the Caribbean for most of the day. No one cares what your hair looks like.

You and the crew pile into a van and make your way to the water as sunlight spills over the hillside. You reach the marina and load into a small dinghy. While the cameraman preps underwater lenses, you squeeze into a wetsuit, flippers, and scuba gear. After an hour and a half, the dinghy lurches to a stop with no land in sight, and you and your cameraman plunge into the water. Then you wait.

Eyes peeled, you drift underwater and converse with the cameraman using a special full face dive mask every few minutes.

“See anything yet?”

“Nope. Oh wait! Nope.”

Fish surround you, circling the open water – vulnerable to any creature with a large enough appetite. You’re on the lookout for whale sharks. They can be over 40 feet long and weigh around 40 tons; about the size of a bus. Their diet consists primarily of plankton, but when you’re face to face with one, it’s hard not to think of how quickly you’d disappear if it decided to be adventurous and try something new on the menu.

You've spent two days waiting in the ocean to spot these incredible creatures, but alas, they don’t show. You won’t get to shoot the clue you came to get, but the experience is one you’ll never forget. Years later, you'll get to meet a whale shark in safer environs, at the Georgia Aquarium.

So, not all clue shoots are completely successful. This is certainly NOT a typical day for Clue Crew member Sarah Whitcomb Foss. With no clue accomplished, this incredible adventure never made it on air, but you can still follow all the Clue Crew's travels, successful or not, on Instagram, and get a closer look at what happens when the cameras aren't rolling.

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