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Jeopardy! College Contestants Compete for School Pride, $100K

Welcome to the 2016 Jeopardy! College Championship, where 15 college students will go head to head in a two-week knowledge marathon for the grand prize of $100,000. Starting February 1, we look forward to plenty of high energy and some good-spirited competition – maybe even an old-fashioned college rivalry.

While they were here, they also told us about what they plan on doing after graduation, and – it being an election year – some advice they would give the next President of the United States. Their answers, unsurprisingly, were optimistic, ambitious, and insightful.

Noah Cowan: “What I would say is implement a carbon tax, or try to have a carbon price. I think a carbon tax makes perfect economic sense, in terms of how to combat global warming but also increase federal funding.”

Katherine Laubscher: “I’m looking forward to working this summer in Senator Diane Feinstein’s office in San Francisco.”

Kevin Brown: “I’m studying environmental engineering with a post-graduate plan of getting a Masters degree in Hydrology and the eventual goal of working on water scarcity issues around the world.”

Sam Deutsch (to the future POTUS): “Make sure you stay human.”

“Katherine Laubscher: “To the next President, I’d have to say focus on climate change, because we have so many problems, but that’s the one problem that affects everyone in the world.”

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