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2015 Tournament of Champions

Greetings from the champions. Next stop, Jeopardy!'s Stage 10. 

The contestants arrive at Stage 10.

A smiling Michael Bilow signs the rules sheet pre-appearance.

Elliot Yates takes a photo of Jennifer Giles in the Jeopardy! Green Room.

Kerry Greene gets ready for her Tournament of Champions debut in the makeup room.

Michael Bilow (L) and Elliot Yates (R) are all smiles on their way to the stage.

Brennan Bushee gets some quality time with cardboard Alex Trebek in the Jeopardy! Hall of Fame.

Jennifer Giles gets her test shot for the Tournament of Champions.

Jeopardy! Stage Manager John Lauderdale goes over the buzzer and rules with Kristin Sausville.

Elliot Yates (L) and Vaughn Winchell (R) talk shop in the audience.

Kerry Greene and Scott Lord warm up in rehearsal.

Matt Jackson tapes his Tournament of Champions promo video.

Michael Bilow (L) smiles for his test shoot while Dan Feitel (R) waits his turn.

Catherine Hardee (L), Kristin Sausville (M), and Scott Lord (R) enjoy a rehearsal run-through together.

Game faces, everyone!