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The J!Effect: Pets Who Love J!

When it comes to the J!Effect, it doesn’t matter if you have two legs or four, or if you walk on paws or feet. We invited pet moms and dads to send us photos of their Jeopardy!-loving furry friends. From felines to canines, here are a few of our favorite stories of pets who J!:


Bacon and Jeopardy!

Jacob Whatley’s story: “This is my dog. His name is Cruz and he loves Jeopardy! almost as much as I do. He is mesmerized by the blue tiles and can't turn away from the screen when the show is on. Cruz loves two things in life: bacon and Jeopardy!”

Family That J!’s Together

Stacy Davis’ story: “We watch two Jeopardy! episodes daily. My 85-year-old mom and my children record and watch Jeopardy! daily. Now, even our Boxer, Moby, is a committed viewer!”

Dunkin’ the Bunny

Shannon Perrone’s story: “Our family's pet bunny, Dunkin', watches Jeopardy! with us every night. He cleans up in the PREY ANIMAL category.”

Final Jeopardy! Dinner Bell

Elizabeth Parker’s story: “Our cat, Wilbur, loves Jeopardy! He listens for the various sound effects (Daily Doubles annoy him – go figure). His absolute favorite is the single ‘ding’ before the Final Jeopardy! category is announced.

When Wilbur hears that ding, he knows it's time for his dinner. All we have to do is say, ‘Wilbur, what does that sound mean?’ and he instantly vocalizes, ‘Food!’ He can be in another room or fast asleep, but the second that chime sounds, he's at the TV demanding, ‘Food! Food!’”

Who Is Darwin?

Laurie Bonante’s story: “I have a great little dog, a Havanese, and his name is Darwin. We watch Jeopardy! together all the time. I've been a fan since Art Fleming was the host and my dad and I would watch together. Now I record it so that I do not miss an episode. There have been several episodes when the clue responses were ‘Darwin.’ My little dog hears his name and perks right up!”

Jeopardy! Sofa Time

Peg Duncan’s story: “Our dog, Bella, is only allowed on the sofa (on her special towel) in the evenings after Jeopardy! She is usually content to lie on the rug near the fireplace from dinnertime until Jeopardy! ends. If she comes to the sofa before then, she's told she has to wait until Jeopardy! is over. She knows how to differentiate the breaks in the show. Once she has heard ‘Final Jeopardy!,’ she waits until the credits begin to roll. Then, she stands beside the sofa until her towel is put in place. She hops up and stays there until bedtime!”

So there you have it! We’re always on the hunt to find the J!Effect in the lives of our fans. If you’ve got a story, we want to hear it!