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Is It Time to Take The Anytime Test Again?

If it has been a full year since you took a test, and you haven’t participated in an extended interview in the last 18 months, now’s the time to submit a new Anytime Test — the first step for anyone who wants to compete on Jeopardy!

The contestant team is already looking for next season’s contestants, so make sure to do it right away!

Not sure if it's been a full year since you submitted a test?

Here's how to check:

1. Sign in to your MyJeopardy account at any time by clicking on the “Sign In” link at the top of any page on If you are already signed in, simply click on your username (which will appear in the same location) and you’ll be brought to your account dashboard — a page that looks similar to the following.

Jeopardy! Anytime Test account dashboard

2. Under "Anytime Test Registrations & Status," you can review a record of your past test activity, including the date you took your last test.

Remember: to take the test again, it has to have been at least a full year since your last test — not a day less!

If you're in the clear, then login and submit a new test right away because we're actively looking for next season's contestants. Get started here!

Need a refresher on the Anytime Test process? Check out our FAQs for more details.