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Your MyJeopardy! Dashboard and the Online Test

So you’ve registered for the Jeopardy! Online Test. Did you know that you can use the dashboard of your MyJeopardy! account to keep track of all your test-taking updates and personal information?  

To access your dashboard, sign in to your MyJeopardy! account at any time by clicking the “My Profile” link in the upper left corner of any page on Once you are logged in, you’ll be brought to your MyJeopardy! dashboard. At the top of your dashboard, you’ll see two tabs: one labeled “Profile & Preferences” and one labeled “Online Tests.”

1. Click on the Profile & Preferences tab to update your personal information and contact information, upload a current profile photo, and change your newsletter subscription preferences.

2. Next, click on the Online Tests tab. Here, you’ll see a record of all your past and present test activity. In the “Sign Up Status” column, you can confirm your test registration. 

3. You can select or update your preferred audition city by clicking on the blue “Edit” button on the right. This can be edited at any time up until the time you take the test.

4. The “Test Taken?” column will confirm that your test has been submitted. You’ll see a check mark appear in the column within 24 hours of completion.

Got more questions about the online test process? Check out our Be a Contestant FAQs.

Happy test prepping!