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April Fools! Did You Catch All 10 Tricks?

Did you watch today’s episode? If so, you might have noticed some surprises. For  April Fools Day, we hid ten Easter eggs in the show. Did you catch all of them? 

If you recorded the episode, we put the time codes below so you know exactly where to scroll when you re-watch today’s game, or you can just watch them all right here.

1. Whoops! This is definitely one of the most entertaining introductions in Jeopardy! history. 

2. This one only appeared for a couple of seconds, but if you were watching the contestants’ podiums when Oliver uncovered a Daily Double, you might’ve caught it. 

3. Where’s our proofreader when we need him? 

4.’ve changed.

5. And just like that, TV’s most iconic facial hair is back! Alex always says he can grow it back anytime he wants to. 

6. A little more obvious, ¿ʇı ʇ,usǝop 'ɟɟo ʇıq ɐ sʞool ǝlqnop ʎlıɐp sıɥʇ 

7. Here, we borrowed some audio from our neighbors that you might recognize, though Milton seems unfazed. 

8. Todd is all over the place today. First he channels Watson, and now he morphs into...oh, you know who that is. 

9. Tere Eestist! A little international flavor for you, courtesy of Jeopardy! Estonia. 

10. Strange. We suddenly find ourselves wondering...when will Wheel of Fortune be on? 

Happy April Fools’ Day! Share these with your friends and see if they caught all ten tricks in today’s show.