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Jeopardy! & Mental Floss Are Out to Make You Smarter

On today’s show, we aired a special category called I LEARNED IT FROM MENTAL FLOSS. This may sound familiar to those who follow us on Instagram. We’ve been posting fun facts about significant moments in history as part of a new series co-branded with our fellow “knowledge junkies” at Mental Floss. It’s official: We are friends! Here’s how it happened.

Our supervising producer and publicist both thought that the material that Mental Floss created was interesting, and, more importantly, the type of material that would be of interest to our viewers and fans. So, we reached out to the Mental Floss team to see if they also felt that our audiences were aligned. They did, and we put together the concept of posting facts about various milestones and important calendar days that both of our teams found of interest; the Mental Floss creative team then creates two pieces for each topic, one posted originally by Mental Floss and the other by Jeopardy!

Through working with Mental Floss, we discovered that not only were our audiences aligned, but our staffs were, too: As we were determining the scope of the partnership, Kat Long, a member of the Mental Floss team, found out that she was going to be a contestant on Jeopardy! To avoid a conflict of interest, we waited until Kat competed on the show to launch the project.

Don’t miss out – you could learn something new at any moment! Follow @jeopardy and @mental_floss on Instagram to get in on the fact-finding fun.