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Jeopardy! Milestone: 8,000 Episodes!

After 36 seasons, Jeopardy! has reached another incredible milestone: 8,000 episodes! Over the years, we’ve introduced you to some of the talented people on both sides of the camera who are responsible for the enduring success of the show, but an achievement this big would perhaps be better illustrated by the numbers – big numbers. Here are some fun facts about Jeopardy! that you might not know.

166 and 2/3 days
If you saved every episode and sat down to watch them starting on New Year’s Day at noon, you’d finish the 8,000th show 166 days and 16 hours later, at 4 a.m. on June 16. (Yes, a day earlier if it was a leap year.)

488,000 clues
That’s the total number of clues in 8,000 games. And you get there by crafting 61 clues per show for five shows per week in 230 new episodes per season for nearly 36 years. (So yes, there’s going to be some SPELLING and MATH every once in a while.)

16,000 contestants – $100,000,000
Nearly 16,000 contestants have won over $100 million in prize money.

200 celebrities – $9,000,000
Since the introduction of Celebrity Jeopardy! in 1994, more than 200 stars have volunteered their talents to help raise over $9 million for charity.

50,656 donuts
This is a wild guess because, well ... it’s rude to count. But on average, the staff and crew cumulatively eat about 31 and 2/3 assorted donuts on each day of taping. That’s somewhere around 50,656 donuts since the taping of the premiere show, which aired September 10, 1984. (Everyone on staff knows to save the plain cake donut for Alex – unless he’s already had his preferred breakfast: a Snickers bar and a Diet Coke.)

The highest amount that could theoretically be won on the Jeopardy! gameboard in a "perfect game." (Please! Do not share this information with James Holzhauer.)

350 cities. 50 states. 50 countries. 7 continents.
The ever-growing list of destinations covered by the Clue Crew. We’re trying not to be jealous, but we’re failing.

400+ game shows
Number of other game shows that have come and gone since Jeopardy!’s premiere in 1984. And that’s no joke!