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James Holzhauer: Super Streaker

When a contestant breaks a record in the Jeopardy! Hall of Fame before he’s even officially on a streak, you know he’s one to watch. James Holzhauer hit the ground running with a true Daily Double in his very first round of Jeopardy!, and he hasn’t looked back. With his fourth win, he bested the nearly 10-year-old Single-Game Winnings record – by more than $30,000.

For those of you keeping score (technically speaking), here are James’s Jeopardy! accolades:

calendar APRIL 9 SINGLE-GAME WINNINGS: Breaks Roger Craig’s 2010 record of $77K with $110,914
dollar APRIL 12 HIGHEST WINNINGS (regular-season play): Takes 4th place, passing Matt Jackson and Austin Rogers with $415,035
calendar APRIL 12 SINGLE-GAME WINNINGS: New entry in the Top 5 with $89,158
dollar APRIL 15 HIGHEST WINNINGS (regular-season play): Regular-season winnings stand at $460,479. James is now 2nd only to Ken Jennings.
calendar APRIL 16 SINGLE-GAME WINNINGS: Another new entry in the Top 5 with $106,181
calendar APRIL 17 SINGLE-GAME WINNINGS: Breaks his own #1 record with $131,127