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James Holzhauer’s Record-Breaking 32-Game Streak

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After 32 games of near-perfect gameplay, jaw-dropping wagers and unmatched buzzer speed, James Holzhauer’s record-breaking winning streak has come to an end.

Earning nearly $2.5 million at an unprecedented pace and closing out his regular-season career with a stunning 97% accuracy rate, James left with more than a few Jeopardy! records to his name. Here are some of the biggest moments – and gambles – of his historic run:

  • 04/09/19: Breaks Roger Craig’s Single-Game Winnings record.
  • 04/15/19: Becomes second to Ken Jennings in Highest Winnings (Regular-Season Play).
  • 04/17/19: Breaks his own Single-Game Winnings record.
  • 04/23/19: Passes $1 million in Total Winnings.
  • 05/01/19: Achieves all top 10 Single-Game Winnings records.
  • 05/02/19: Becomes second-winningest contestant.
  • 05/24/19: Passes $2 million in Total Winnings.
  • 05/31/19: Wins final game of his streak.
  • 06/03/19: Finishes his streak with 32 wins.

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