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What Is the Tournament of Champions Tracker?

After all the fun we had during the 2017 Tournament of Champions, we don’t blame you if you’re already fired up for the next one! We’ve reset the Tournament of Champions Tracker so you can stay up to date with the current list of contenders. If you’re a little fuzzy on how the Tracker works, here’s a quick refresher.

For a contestant to appear on the Tracker, they need to win at least three games, but once more multi-game winners start populating the Tracker (which only holds up to 15 names), the game threshold can go up to four or even five. And don’t forget that Teachers Tournament and College Championship winners each earn an automatic spot on the list.

Incidentally, winning five games officially qualifies a contestant as a “streaker.” Take our latest champion, Gilbert Collins. With five wins, he’s our first streaker to make the Tracker for the next Tournament of Champions.

Keep an eye out to see if your favorite contestants make the cut.