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Summer Superfan Challenge: Name These Season 33 Top Tournament Moments

Buzzworthy moments were in no short supply for the tournaments of Season 33. To kick off our summer re-airing of the Teen, College and Teachers tournaments, we’ve put together a Summer Superfan Challenge. Think you can remember the contestants and moments that made their mark on the Twitter-verse? Put your knowledge to the test in the clues below and see if you can come up with the correct responses.

1. This meme queen said, “What are THOSE?”, to a Final Jeopardy! clue during the Teen Tournament. Hint: She may be a teenager, but she’s not a witch!

2. The competition came down to the wire when the Teen Tournament champ was determined by this narrow margin.

3. When Alex Trebek started rapping this hit song during the College Championship semifinals, the internet couldn’t get enough!

4.This teacher from Keller High School in Fort Worth, Texas made a Goliath-sized comeback during the Teachers Tournament

5. Internet culture made another appearance during the College Championship, when Lilly Chin gave this zesty response to a Final Jeopardy! clue.

In case you missed any of these moments (or just want to relive them!), tune in this week for the start of our six-week tournament summer reruns.

ANSWERS: 1. Sabrina Duong  2. $1  3. Panda  4. David Clemmons  5. "What is The Spiciest Memelord?"