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Why These Jeopardy! Contestants Deserve a Second Chance

For the first-time ever, 18 contestants who came up short during their original game have been invited to return to the Jeopardy! stage for another go-round at becoming a champion.

Jeopardy! Second Chance will take place over the course of two weeks. Each week will feature three semifinal games and a two-day final. The winner of each week’s mini-tournament will earn a spot in the upcoming Tournament of Champions, which begins Monday, October 31. 

Refresh your memory of the players and find out why they earned a second chance with these highlights from their initial appearances.

Week 1 Contestants

Cindy Zhang, a user experience designer from New York, N.Y. (Season 38)

Aaron Gulyas, a community college history instructor from Grand Blanc, Mich. (Season 38)

Jessica Stephens, a statistical research specialist from Nashville, Tenn. (Season 38)

Erica Weiner-Amachi, a teacher from Philadelphia, Pa. (Season 38)

Tracy Pitzel, an accountant from Ellensburg, Wa. (Season 38)

Molly Karol, a certified public accountant from Austin, Texas (Season 38)

James Fraser, a naval aviator from Newport Beach, Calif. (Season 37)

Renée Russell, a branch office administrator from Baltimore, Md. (Season 38)

Pam Schoenberg, a dentist and entrepreneur from South Salem, N.Y. (Season 38)

Week 2 Contestants

Sadie Goldberger, an interpreter from Columbia, Md. (Season 38)

Alicia O’Hare, a social worker from Long Beach, N.Y. (Season 38)

Do Park, a sportswriter from Minneapolis, Minn. (Season 38)

Tom Philipose, a writing professor from Forest Hills, N.Y. (Season 38)

Nikkee Porcaro, an educational consultant and business owner from Silver Spring, Md. (Season 37)

Jeff Smith, a music educator from San Diego, Calif. (Season 38)

Sarah Snider, a teacher from Fishers, Ind. (Season 38)

Rowan Ward, a chart caller, writer, and editor from Chicago, Ill. (Season 37)

Jack Weller, a law student from San Diego, Calif. (Season 37)