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“Around the World With Alex”: Remembering Alex Trebek Present Clues About the U.S. Air Force From Japan

Take a look back at Alex Trebek presenting clues about the U.S. Air Force from Japan. Don’t miss episodes of “Around the World With Alex,” which air until August 27.

Producer’s Notebook: A longtime supporter of the USO, Alex was always generous with his time when it came to meeting our troops stationed abroad, so much so that his daily transportation easily ranged from buses to Humvees to helicopters…even to a fighter jet cockpit, or two. Furnished with a flight suit for this day’s clue shoot and meet-and-greets, Alex took an immediate liking to the simplicity and comfort of the one-piece and was clearly pleased with getting a break from his usual wardrobe. Later, when asked if he wanted to change out of the coveralls for his dinner with the flight team, his response was classic Alex; “Do I have to? All the other guys are going to be wearing theirs!”

Alex Trebek
Alex Trebek in a fighter jet cockpit.
Alex Trebek
Alex Trebek