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2 Weeks of Alex’s Favorite Episodes Around the World

Alex used to say that he had three favorite types of categories: “Movies, Geography, and Movies About Geography.” But as the saying goes, jokes are usually just “truth wrapped in a smile.”

Alex had a lifelong interest in the world’s people, cultures and languages, and he was the driving force in many of the categories we’re sharing in the next two weeks. “History is the past,” he once said. “Geography is the future.”

Here’s what you’ll see:

“Around the World With Alex”

Week 1: August 16 - 20                                                                                                      

Monday, Aug. 16            Hockey  (Original Airdate: 10/14/04)
Tuesday, Aug 17            Sesame Street  (Original Airdate: 04/04/06)
Wednesday, Aug. 18      The U.S. Air Force: USO Tour to Japan (Original Airdate:  09/27/07)
Thursday, Aug. 19          Machu Picchu  (Original Airdate: 11/06/07)
Friday, Aug. 20               Niagara Falls    (Original Airdate: 01/15/09)

Week 2: August 23 - 27

Monday, Aug. 23            Journey Through Israel  (Original Airdate: 11/23/09)
Tuesday, Aug. 24           Galápagos Wildlife  (Original Airdate: 12/09/09)
Wednesday, Aug. 25      Operatic Costumes: The Met  (Original Airdate: 11/09/11)
Thursday, Aug. 26          Petra  (Original Airdate: 11/14/11)
Friday, Aug. 27               National Museum of African American History and Culture  (Original Airdate: 2/06/17)