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The Legend of Johnny Gilbert’s Jackets

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You know the voice of longtime Jeopardy! announcer, Johnny Gilbert, and if you’re an avid fan, you’re also familiar with his signature custom-made Jeopardy! jackets. We chatted with him to get the story on his iconic wardrobe staples.

The tradition began a few seasons into the show. Johnny was shopping for a jacket while he and Alex Trebek were on the road. Soon after, Alex gave Johnny a custom-made Jeopardy! jacket with his name stitched on the front.

Johnny happened to have a friend in the apparel business who got the idea to make him a whole series of jackets. “At one time, I had about 15 jackets,” Johnny said, “and little by little they all wore out ... so now I’ve got about five jackets left.”

To this day, Johnny wears one at every taping.

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