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Alex and the Team at the CIA Museum

The CIA Museum is a fascinating place that is only a little less covert than the agency itself. Open only to members of the CIA and invited guests, the museum houses thousands of relics from over 70 years of espionage. But leave it to the Jeopardy! team to figure out a way inside. Today’s show featured a CIA category, and as part of their clue shoot, Alex and the team got an exclusive look inside this elusive museum.

Producer Brett Schneider described the high level of security: “Bluetooth-enabled devices such as laptops, tablets, earpieces and phones were not allowed in the building, and we had to run a cable from Alex’s mic to the camera, as anything wireless was also prohibited. Throughout the shoot, a CIA staffer followed us with electronic equipment that would presumably detect the use of any Bluetooth or wireless gear.”

Jim Rhine, the writer of the category, described the museum as “an amazing place with lots of amazing stuff.” He appreciated the insight the visit gave the team. “[It added] to the history we thought we already knew.”

Enjoy this exclusive peek at what Alex calls “the best museum you will never be able to visit.”