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Jeopardy! Team LEGO® Minifigures

In the process of building the replica of the Jeopardy! set out of LEGO® bricks, Master Builders at LEGO Group went the extra mile in representing our actual staff members in their own LEGO minifigures. We’d be remiss if we didn’t bring your attention to the little LEGO personalities in some of our set’s most familiar faces. Working with these people every week, we got a kick out of the whimsical interpretations of the staff and thought our readers might too; if not always literal, these LEGO minifigures perfectly capture the staff’s personal styles.


Alex Trebek, Host

Johnny Gilbert, Announcer

Harry Friedman, Executive Producer

Rocky Schmidt, Supervising Producer

Lisa Broffman, Supervising Producer

Maggie Speak, Producer

Glenn Kagan, Senior Contestant Coordinator

Jimmy McGuire, Clue Crew

Sarah Whitcomb Foss, Clue Crew

Kelly Miyahara, Clue Crew

Corina Nusu, Senior Contestant Coordinator

Billy Wisse, Editorial Producer

Michael Harris, Researcher

Michele Loud, Editorial Supervisor

Birkir Brimdal, Scoring Operator

Eli Wagner, Compliance

Lauri Janover, Contestant Coordinator