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2017 Teachers Tournament Photo Gallery

Short introductions, or “Hometown Howdies” from Nan and Cody get sent to their local affiliate stations ahead of their Jeopardy! appearance.

We gave the teachers an apple to pose with. Eduardo Sevilla played a game of apple catch on the Jeopardy! stage.

Backstage, Dennis McDonald admires some of the Emmys® Jeopardy! has received over the years – 34 total!

Contestant George Deane signs his name into the Jeopardy! podium – his last step before he can start playing the game.

Sara Holub getting comfortable onstage in this pre-show interview.

We got a chance to get to know each contestants before their first games. See what they said.

Farmers Insurance gave each of our teachers a $2,500 grant to improve their classrooms through its Thank America’s Teachers program, and here they’re getting the details from Farmers Insurance representative Tu-Han Phan.

Graham Toben shows off his tie, a gift signed by his students.

Executive producer Harry Friedman thanking the teachers for all the work they do.

Fifteen teachers. Two weeks. One $100,000 grand prize. Tune in May 8 to 19!