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Father’s Day: Alex Is Giving Away His Ties

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Father’s Day is to the silk tie just as Alex Trebek is to Jeopardy!: Fashions may come and go, but the two are inextricably linked. And this year, we’ve come up with a way that you can add a little Trebek to your Father’s Day.

It happened this way. Alex was doing some post-season spring cleaning in his wardrobe closet at just about the same time that the Jeopardy! Store was planning to add a Jeopardy!-themed tie for Father’s Day. Light bulb moment. And quicker than you can say, “What is the quintessential ‘dad’ gift item?” the suits, shirts and shoes were gone, but we saved the ties for you.

So, on top of releasing the limited-edition Jeopardy! tie just for dad, you can also own a tie from Alex’s own closet – while supplies last – as a bonus for all shoppers who spend more than $100. Some brand-new, some gently used, but all of them with just a touch of authentic Trebek swag.

We suggest placing your order soon, as quantities are limited – both for the new “Answer Man” tie and the ones from Alex’s closet. And in case you were wondering, Alex loves the new tie. Check it out in this promo spot!

Happy Father’s Day to all J! dads!