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Check Buzzy’s 5 Smooth Moves During His Winning Streak

Winning multiple games of Jeopardy! is an accomplishment worth celebrating. Some enjoy the moment differently than others and let their personality show a little bit. This is the case for Buzzy Cohen, who is currently on an impressive eight-game winning streak and is clearly having fun with the moment. You may have noticed that he adds a new move to his opening routine each day.


1. The Brush-Off. His confidence is building...

2. To the left, to the left...Buzzy shows off his ambidextrous moves.

3. The Hand Comb. A key to his dapper appearance.

4. Switching hands, Buzzy makes sure the other side is also combed just right.

5. The Victory Kiss. Getting comfortable on the Jeopardy! stage, he blows a kiss for the camera.

If this kind of showmanship looks familiar, you may recall another contestant who liked to celebrate his big wins.

Tune in tomorrow to see Buzzy go for his ninth win.